One More Dissidia Character Still To Be Announced

Initially the roster was announced at 20 characters, and this made sense; two from ever title up to Final Fantasy X. However, the announcement of Shantotto completely threw this out of whack and people thought that at least one other character would be joining her, on the Side of Evil. Well, it turns out that those people thought correctly.

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Keele3703d ago

Judge Gabranth? Screw evil chars. Bring in Balthier.

arngrim2293703d ago

please be sora!!!! that wud be awsome, his ex modes allow him to use different forms like valor or wisdom form awsome if it was in the game

Foxgod3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

I want to see General Leo from Final fantasy 6, he was awesome.
And technically he was on the evil side, he just had a good heart.

Oh btw, now they they added a hero from FF11, and will add a villain form the same game...

How big are the odds we will see characters from FF12 and 13 ?
Then they may as well add chracters from mystic quest, crystal chronicles, final fantasy adventure etch :P lol

maruchan27six3703d ago

They all are possible thanks to the magics called DLC-ra and DLC-ga.

mpmaley3703d ago

Can we get a giant melting pot and throw every Cid in it and have the last character be what comes out of the pot?

I'm pretty sure I just described awesome * infinity.

3703d ago
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