Fable 4: Are They Making a Mistake?

It was a game that few could hate in the beginning. But with each passing installment, more magic was lost. Now, over a decade has passed without a new title and it begs the question: Are they making a big mistake with Fable 4?

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alextdarling803d ago

its a reboot right? Fourth installment yes but new vision.

I feel like OP is trying to make a statement for the sake of it.

potatoseal803d ago

Agreed. How could making a reboot of a beloved IP be a mistake? Especially when he hasn't even seen any of the game yet. Fans are excited for this and so they should be.

jznrpg803d ago

Because the games weren’t all good . 1 was ok but lacked a lot of what was promised . 2 was the best by far .3 was a borefest .

VenomUK803d ago

The writer really loved Fable but isn't sure if he wants another one in case it doesn't turn out good. I get it, but don't stress and let Playground Games get on with it. Better to find out if a new version is good then to have no new version and cling on to a memory.

Whilst Fable III certainly had it's issues, and I don't think the property management aspect was the right fit for the RPG series (by the end of my game I owned everything that you could buy) the series does have a special charm which I'm very hopeful that Playground games will be able to capture the essence of. I hope this can be out for Christmas 2021.

FinalFantasyFanatic803d ago

It could be a mistake if they screw it up? Anyway, the first Fable was a pretty ambitious game back in the day, imagine all the stuff they could do with today's technology, might be a good time to push the envelope again.

TheScotsman803d ago

I'm sure we'll find out in a couple of years if it's a mistake cause we know this game is nothing more than a concept. And it was thrown together so they had something. To show

Zeref803d ago

Huh? They didn't show anything yet, or did I miss something?

Jiub803d ago

I heard all kinds of rumors about this game. Still, I can't say I don't want them to give it another shot. Were the games the best? Maybe not, but I still had a ton of fun with them.

Sirk7x803d ago

Also, alot of what was promised wasn't delivered at the time originally (nor do I think it was technically possible at the time to do so), but Fable was still a pretty stunning game at the time it came out. Definitely wouldn't have been possible outside of PC/Xbox at the time to run on.

PersonX803d ago

We have barely seen anything, and already they are complaining.

NeoGamer232803d ago

Really there has been nothing shown yet. What I saw in the trailer was a beautiful, detailed environment with some good poetic comedy.

Nothing on story, nothing on gameplay, and nothing on the scope of the new Fable world. I don't know how you can judge anything about the game, that was about as little as they could tell without telling absolutely nothing about the game.

TheColbertinator803d ago

Buying it so long as they don't do Kinect or horrid launch like Fallout 76

Si-Fly803d ago

Why on earth would you think it would support Kinect?

TheColbertinator803d ago

Why on earth did they think Kinect was a good option for Fable in the first place?

Skate-AK803d ago (Edited 803d ago )

Think he was referencing that Fable Kinect game. The Journey, or whatever it was called.

chiefJohn117803d ago

They did that for support, kinetic haters #1 complaint was lack of support so MS forced it and only turn ppl off who didn't care about motion gaming

TheColbertinator802d ago

They shouldn't have used Fable then and released Project Milo like Microsoft apparently promoted

NeoGamer232803d ago

Why are you likening Fallout 76 to MS and Playground Games? Fallout 76 was done by a completely unowned (at the time) by Microsoft studio and publisher. Attaching MS to game they did not make or guide is just wrong. That is like saying, "I will buy the next God of War as long as they don't do Playstation Move and a horrid launch like Umbrella Corps." Pure insanity.

And I can't remember the last time MS peddled Kinect. For the last 5 years they have seemly done their best to bury it.

TheColbertinator802d ago

Because Fallout 76, Anthem and No Man's Sky represent the worst aspects of gaming development. Release a dumpster fire now and MAYBE we will probably have a competent game in 2 years.

Bnet343803d ago

Lol no they aren't. The series has been kinda dead. A reboot is much needed.

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