As Loading Times Shrink on PS5 and Xbox Series X, I'll Miss Loading Screens

Loading screens have been a key part of the gaming experience for years, so what are we losing with next-gen consoles' shorter loading times?

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Ausbo216d ago

Devs and gamers have become so used to loading screens that they’ve implemented some pretty cool ideas into those loading screens. Overall however, I think people will appreciate more hands on time

Necr0philiac216d ago

The only bad part about quicker loading for me will be in multiplayer games. I'm going to have to run to get my next beer. I might have to invest in a mini fridge

SmokinAces216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

This thought only has legs in instances where the loading screen is cleverly masked like with Spider-Man and the subway car rides, but that's the down to creative and smart developers like Insomniac and its the exception not the rule. The majority of loading screens are some boring static image with an icon in the corner usually rotating or a loading bar at the bottom of the screen. Miss them if you want, I certainly wont.

solideagle216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

God of war Ymir stories was clever way as well.

I won't miss loading screen as all because I play all of my fav games on the highest difficulty means lots of dying means lots of reloading means lots of loading screens. I am so excited for PS5 :D

BoneMagnus216d ago

That is a really good point. I might be more likely to try the harder difficulties if there are not long loading times.

NecrumOddBoy216d ago

What about load-masking sections like squeezing through tight spaces and such. Although they help with the loading of new areas, they don’t detract from the game if they are still used tastefully.

East76lands216d ago

I expect they'll probably keep some of those.

oof6781216d ago

This was horrible in FF7R. Love the game to death but this was overdone

Teflon02216d ago

I'd expect those to still be in games like uncharted and tomb Raider as it still adds to the feel of the game. But I'd expect it to be removed from FFVII because that was clearly what it was for and it was in such annoying places

MajorLazer216d ago

Once in a long while is fine, fairly frequently is not.

UnHoly_One216d ago

What about the old Gears of War style loading where you are suddenly forced to walk slowly with your finger in your ear while you talk to somebody over coms? lol

I could do without those in the future for sure.

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potatoseal216d ago

What a Lame article. Just pretending to miss loading screens just for an excuse to write an opinion piece.

LucasRuinedChildhood216d ago

Nah. The author gave substantive reasons for his opinion. His opinion is understandable even though, overall, most people would prefer minimal to virtually no loading times for convenience. But some developers have found ways to use loading screens as a way of improving the experience.

potatoseal216d ago

Nah I don't trust him at all

SierraGuy216d ago

If someone misses load screens...there's something wrong with that person.

RememberThe357216d ago

How is this even a conversation? Loading screens be damned!

Software_Lover216d ago

Everything is an excuse to write an ‘opinion piece’. It seems to only be a problem when you don’t agree with the opinion.

MrBelasco216d ago

I think I can somehow move on from them.

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The story is too old to be commented.