No, Seriously - Is Sega Okay?

TG: “ Sega, we need to talk. Frankly, we're worried about you. Your last financial earnings statement was disastrous. Executives are fleeing, and you've totally given up on your beloved arcade business. You're hardly even celebrating your 60th birthday!“

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ApocalypseShadow106d ago

Ridiculous. Companies that are having trouble, don't need to run and be bought by Microsoft like Microsoft's recent acquisitions. All they need is smart releases that sell.

Sega was smart to pull out of the arcade for now. Maybe come back when the virus is minimized. Maybe push for VR arcade using their existing franchises. Daytona VR, HoftD VR, Virtual Cop VR, Virtual Racing and Virtual On VR. Come back strong and push new experiences Sega was known for in the arcade.

Speaking of, their huge back catalog can be updated to current consoles. You see other companies like Taito and Namco releasing their classic games on the PlayStation store all the time. Why Sega hasn't is baffling. Too much reliance on Sonic and Yakuza. No Skies re-release. No PS5. No Shinobi. Nothing that they could have done.

Also, as VR increases adoption in homes, they release their VR arcade games on PC, Oculus and PSVR. It's not rocket science. And give them online play options. Who wouldn't love multiplayer HoftD.

Your idea is that they give up and be another number under a monopolistic, mega cooperation. When all they have to do is do what Capcom did. Capcom was smarting years ago. But they turned it around by bringing Monster Hunter back to where it was popular and not just Nintendo. They built a new RE game and made it VR capable. Remade RE 2 and made it awesome. Made DMC5 themselves and gave it that Japanese flavor gamers expect and not from an arrogant French guy who thought he knew what "cool" was. Now, Capcom is back on top.

Namco did the same going back to that Ace Combat flavor gamers loved and not that assault nonsense among other good releases. They don't need to be bought by Microsoft to be better. They just need to fall back on what they do best and give gamers what they have been asking for but they did nothing about. Even Shenmue wasn't supported by them. They need to get back to basics.

Knightofelemia106d ago

I never wrote off Sega when they released the 32X or when they botched the release of the Saturn and died in the hardware market with the Dreamcast I never wrote off Sega when they botched a few Sonic games. Sega will work this out this is just a hiccup now if a company like Microsoft bought Sega I would write them off.

Fist4achin105d ago

Sega is awesome in that they are a company that takes risks. Some did pan out and some didn't. Lifelong sega supporter and I think their acquisition of Atlus was a good move on their part. I don't want to see them get bought out, but if that were the case I hope sony would do it. We'll see what happens.

SegaGamer105d ago

Urgh, what a terrible and patronising article. Imagine a writer for some crappy gaming website trying to tell a company that has been around longer than this person has been alive how to run their business.

This guy is basically willing Sega to fail because he hopes that Microsoft will buy them out. If this guy had any sort of passion for gaming, he would hate to see a company like Sega taking a huge hit in profits because of Covid-19.

zacfoldor105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I don't have Persona 4 Golden on my Switch, Xbox, or PS5 yet. I could use a Sonic movie sequel too, asap. Would be real, real nice, just sayin'. I'll never understand why P4G didn't get the full tour of all platforms, such as great game, more people should play it and I suspect there might be a big audience for this classic, especially on mobile platforms.