Horizon Forbidden West's Aloy Stands Among Kratos and Spider-Man in a Unique Way

Aloy isn't just a remarkable character for her determination and wealth of skills, as she also stands out among her fellow Sony champions.

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ZeroBlue261d ago

I know I'll get downvoted, but I felt like Aloy was a pretty boring and generic character. Where the game really shined was the gameplay, the story was okay but could have been executed better, the characters were mostly forgettable though. Fortunately, the game was so fun that I was glued from start to finish regardless.

Sonic-and-Crash61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

i upvoted you because i agee....has some artistic elements very good as concept image (orange hair, blue details , bow and spear weapons) but as character is bland you r right sexuality , no emotional connection with any character ,no serious character traits , just generic colorless protagonitst....need some work and some flaws to be interesting

61d ago
Levii_9261d ago

Correction where the game really shined was the gameplay... but just with machines. Everything else was alright to mehh.

medman61d ago

I liked Horizon as a game and I liked Aloy as a character....a lot. That being said, as a mature gamer I prefer more mature themes in games, and Horizon (and Aloy as an extension) is a game/character meant to appeal to a wide demographic, both kids and adults alike. Kratos grew into a playstation icon.....he wasn't created to be that from the start, where I feel Aloy was intended to be a champion and a beacon, particularly to women/young girls, and that is how the character is written.