Godfall Review - Just Push Start

Making Godfall a launch title was an interesting choice.

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fonduktoe815d ago

This game is absolute trash. Don't waste your time.

East76lands815d ago

Have you played it or going on hearsay? I'll definitely check it out at some point further down the line.


I actually own it and while its not the best launch game its far from trash. There is no matchmaking in multi-player so be warned


I own it and enjoy it. Tell me what about the game you find to be trash?

fonduktoe815d ago

The endgame, the myriad of bugs, lack of builds and customization. Combat is clunky boss design is atrocious. UI is terrible no matchmaking no level scaling in co op. That's just a few. Seriously this game is a scam.

NEXUS-6815d ago

There's heaps of options for builds, the UI is fine, the combat is fun, don't see a problem with boss design, the other things you mentioned can be patched later.

It'll be on xsx in 6 months and by then I'm sure all your gripes with be ironed out.


He never played it he just watched YouTube videos and copied others opinions. If he does happen to own the game he wouldn't say the combat was trash unless he likes to mash witch you can't do in this game. The combat is almost identical to God of War


Sound like u watched a YouTube video and came up with those issues. The combat is great with a surprising amount of depth. Its far from a masher. I doubt you even played it

NEXUS-6815d ago

I don't mind replying to people that regurgitate stuff they've heard.

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NEXUS-6815d ago

Mate got it, I've played it - the game is good. Not for everyone - but what is - definitely room for improvement, 7/10 is about right. I'll be grabbing a copy this week - it definitely has potential to get better down the road.

ccgr815d ago

Guess I'll wait for a sale