Assassin’s Creed Valhalla PS5 File Size Revealed

And it's not as big as you might expect from a next generation title.

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andy85212d ago

That's so impressive given the size of the map. I'm guessing this is due to the new compression techniques they touted in the PS5. Hopefully we won't have to worry about storage space as much as we thought. Anyone know the Series X file size for comparison?

fewDankMemes212d ago

I have the damn game on my series X. That’s my source. Christ.

212d ago
Sunny12345212d ago

16.5 gb. I know, hard to believe.

shabz666212d ago

thats amazing, ps5 probably killing it in the decompression and streaming tech

AriesBear212d ago

It's not a next-gen title it's a current gen title just enhanced for the new consoles.

buffig212d ago

So how do you explain Odyssey being 46gb? Your point about it being current gen is very strange.

Ziege_UK212d ago

Wrong. This one was developed for the new gen and downgraded for the current gen. That's why it runs like crap on older consoles.

porkChop212d ago

Is this just a preload? Ubisoft announced all the file sizes just a few days ago. According to Ubisoft all versions are roughly around 45GB, including PS5. I have a hard time believing Ubi wouldn't know the size of their own game.

crazyCoconuts212d ago

Something fishy about this. That's too big a difference

shabz666212d ago

Hey yes you're right, i just googled it and its supposed to be around 45. Anyone with the copy installed on their ps5 could clear this up?

SyntheticForm212d ago

It's certainly not 16.5, but I do believe it's somewhere in the 40's.

TheLordOfStuff212d ago

I just checked its 16.83GB with all patches, its the physical edition.

RosweeSon212d ago

Yeah there will just be a massive patch to go with it

Psychotica212d ago

I wonder if it unpacks to 45 after you run it for the first time?

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Deathdeliverer212d ago

I’m pretty sure these guys installed the wrong version on their PS5

TheLordOfStuff212d ago

Checked for someone else its 16.83GB for my physical edition on ps5.

boing1212d ago

I think that's the size when it's not fully installed yet. Have you played the game? Does it work with this size?

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The story is too old to be commented.