Kena: Bridge of Spirits Delayed To Q4 2021 According To The PlayStation Site

One of the many delights from the PS5 reveal event was Kena: Bridge of Spirits. A new discovery on the PlayStation website, however, mentions the release date as Q4 2021, which could mean the game was quietly delayed.


UPDATE from Spiel Times (11/16): Ember Lab responded to our email and clarified that "The Q4 2021 is an error and we are working with Sony to correct it. We are still on track to release Q1 of next year and are very excited!"

"Thank you for the love and support for Kena: Bridge of Spirits. We hope it will be a wonderful game to add to your collection."

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lifeisgamesok155d ago

Take your time, there's plenty to play on PS5 in 2021

ClayRules2012154d ago

Exactly! I’d rather they take their time, improve, polish and accomplish their overall vision for this rather gorgeous, unique, and magically fun looking game. Can’t wait to see more!

potatoseal154d ago

Shouldn't this be marked as rumor? I wonder.

I agree though. Take as long as you need. In fact, I believe everyone thinks this way. Maybe an exception would be those psycho weirdos that send death threats to CDPR for delaying their game.

alb1899154d ago

And so it begins. The same will happens with God of War...I can smell it. We can't talk about exclusive dates anymore until the game is announce gold.

lifeisgamesok154d ago

They have a lot of wiggle room because Playstation has so many good looking games coming so 1 or 2 delays wouldn't hurt much

ColdSin155d ago

Oh no.... Q4 is always too busy. Better to release it in 2022 Q1.

ABizzel1155d ago

Agreed, I came to say the same thing. It's never a good idea to put any game that isn't an established IP or a AAA game that's hyped to the max in Q4, it often misses out on a lot of sales it could have had, and it will do so much better waiting a few months.

Ausbo154d ago

Who knows though. Covid has most likely impacted 2021 games more than the 2020 ones. So maybe fall will be a little more bare than usual.

jznrpg154d ago

I’ll buy this whenever it comes out but it is busier during Holidays .

Teflon02154d ago

It is, but Sony isn't known to drop heavy the end of the year. Sounds like Sony will have too many drops before then to let the game drop earlier.
Ratchet and Gran Turismo are first half which will most likely drop around the time it would be ready. Most won't drop summer. It's never a great time to normally drop. Fall drops all the games and a few reoccuring big sellers usually end the year. I actually think being the PS game to end the year should be good. I'm Sure GoW should be Q3 Horizon I'd expect to be the end of August to Oct. Kena I'd think is December which should be okay imo

SmokinAces154d ago

Story has been updated, see above. Still Q1

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Pyrofire95155d ago

It's more than likely a place holder or error.

blackblades155d ago

Yeah, pretty much that. If it were delayed til then the devs themselves wouldve said something. No need to jump to conclusions over.

monkey602155d ago

Aww man I hope not. If this had of made launch this was the game I was gonna get.

Well... with Demons souls that is

SullysCigar155d ago

Same, this looks nice. If it is delayed though, maybe it's partly to do with the positive reception it had and they want to go bigger than the original scope? That would actually be good news. I guess we wait to hear from the devs.

monkey602155d ago

They could well be. The studio is really small. Like only 20 developers kind of small

SullysCigar155d ago

^ Yeah, I think this is the one started by a couple of brothers, from memory. Would be great to see them get support from the big boys and springboard them into the big league. Feels like they've earned the chance with what we've seen so far - they're obviously talented and passionate.

lifeisgamesok155d ago

I like your idea. Maybe they did see how much people are looking forward to this game already I love the beautiful art style and it has a lot of charm

thornintheside154d ago

Yeah....or maybe one of the developers found a couple of trillion dollars buried in the garden, and decided to invest it in the game. That would actually also be good news.

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SmokinAces154d ago

The story has been updated,see above its still coming Q1.

lelo2play155d ago

Sorry to hear this!... game looks good.

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