Xbox in Japan: 3 video game studios Microsoft could buy

This is Microsoft's current relationship with Japanese developers as they try to finally become popular in the region.

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Sonyslave370d ago

It mostly likey going to be Capcom or sega.

Sonic-and-Crash70d ago

No way MS can buy Capcom...Cap is huge in Japan with Mon Hun series...would be the worst financial decision to get exclusively binded on Xbox ...

DaveZero69d ago

Why would it, capcom games do very well on xbox.

SullysCigar70d ago

Phil said a couple of days ago that they won't be buying any Japanese devs.

DaveZero69d ago

That's funny because ms said they were looking for Japanese devs to buy.

Prubar70d ago

Buying Capcom doesn’t really benefit anybody because Capcom isn’t struggling. That’s why even as an Xbox fan I wasn’t a huge fan of the Bethesda acquisition. I preferred when they were going for smaller studios that had untapped potential weather because of lack of funding or staff. That way Microsoft gained a studio and the studio didn’t have to worry where the next check would come from. Win, win.
If they do try for a Japanese studio I hope it’s from the ground up or heavily build up a smaller existing one.

TheTony31669d ago

Not that easy. A foreign company can't just buy a japanese one. There laws in Japan that forbid it.

SaiyanFury69d ago

I seriously doubt SEGA would let themselves be bought out my MS and be forced to limit their Japanese games to a non-Japanese console. SEGA might not make huge money right now, but they'd be really limiting their audience, and that, too would hurt sales even more. At least that's how I see it.

glennhkboy69d ago

Unlike Western developers (except WB), Japanese "studio" always a part of a lager corporation. Even if MS buy Sega, it may not hold the right of Sonic, Sukura War, Yukaza series, etc.

X-Alchemist69d ago

I'd rather they not buy any Japanese Studios...

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Nyxus70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Phil already denied rumors that they are looking to acquire Japanese studios.

agnosticgamer69d ago

lol... yeah because he is going to spill the beans on a podcast of all their inside business dealings.

Nyxus69d ago

He could have just said no comment if that were the case.

DaveZero69d ago

They are not going to just come out and say what there tactics are ahead of them making the purchase are they, that could be disastrous that a competitor comes in and buys what they want to buy.

No one seen the Zenamax buy right?? It just came out of the blue, that's because if there strategy to keep these moves concealed, they all do it.

BlackIceJoe70d ago

I personally would like to see Microsoft make their own new Japanese studio over buying a studio. I also would like to see Microsoft look at setting up studios in Taiwan, Hong Kong or South Korea too.

ApocalypseShadow70d ago

There are still those that wish for this company to win and become the market leader by acquisition than by effort, risk taking and quality output.

The console industry would definitely benefit from that./S

Surely after almost 2 decades and being worth a TRILLION, you'd expect better than this. Especially with a company like Sony being a template for success.

Ghost of Tsushima is a Japanese game made by an American company that has just recently sold over 5 million under Sony. You'd think Microsoft has enough money to do the same.

I guess a TRILLION dollar worth isn't enough to do the same. Pity.

NEXUS-669d ago

More money than sense.

It's how they behave in any market they're in.

Sony identified what it takes to be successful and went for it.

Imagine taking on Nintendo AND Sega - both juggernauts, one at home the other at home AND Arcades.

Why ms didn't just follow Sony's lead all those years ago is mind numbingly stupid.

ApocalypseShadow69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Yeah. Makes you wonder what were they thinking about. Was it to make the game industry better and to grow the market? Or just profit from it? You and I know the answer to that one.

After what Sucker Punch did, we can clearly see that buying a Japanese Studio isn't even necessary. It's that effort and risk taking that produced that quality title they built.

NEXUS-669d ago

Yep - Sony had plenty of failures but also successes at the same time.

They matured and grew and are now releasing some of the best games of all time.

DaveZero69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Oh come on Sony pushed Sega out of the business and aided in the end of Sega as console developers by buying up everything. So until MS came along Sony had time on there hands with only Nintendo as competitors, they swallowed up a lot of talent, the timing was right for them. What you dont hear about is all the talent they swallowed up and then got rid because it didn't suit Sonys needs. MS have had to come in and build up when a competition ie Sony is already doing very well. So of course for a long time it's going to be a long slog for MS but eventually Sony should be very cautious of.

You make it sound like Sony never had to spend a penny in all this or the other competition didn't fall behind the times and failed to evolve somewhat.

NEXUS-669d ago

Davezero - You're joking aren't ya? Sony entered a market DOMINATED by 2 companies, both with different strengths. Sony partnered with NAMCO and produced 'System 11' an affordable plug and play arcade board - much like the old JAMMA boards. The reason SEGA went belly up was mainly due to the high costs of the arcade machines they were producing and the falling in popularity of arcades.

That gave them 'arcade' quality games and they acquired Psygnosis who had roots making great games for AMIGA, and would turn them into Liverpool Studio. ND & GG had made games but never set the world on fire, now they are both respected as some of the best devs going around.

None of this was by chance, Nintendo stung Sony and PlayStation was born. SCEJ produced some fantastic and some not so fantastic games, but you've gotta have a crack, learn and grow.

Sony killed off Atari, SEGA, 3DO and Apple (not that Pippen had a chance). All duds apart from SEGA.

ms just had to tempmate laid out by Sony.

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MrDead70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

How about no! This is what happens when a company has no creative vision or talent, they don't add to a community they just take.

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