Why We Should Never Stop Talking About Silent Hill

COG writes: Good horror never dies. The Silent Hill franchise is terrifying, trend-setting, and unforgettable. Here's a look at why it became a classic and how its legacy continues to affect the horror genre today.

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JokerBoy42267d ago

I have always heard how amazing Silent Hill 2 was growing up but I was more of a Resident Evil kid back in the day. After all these years I finally got around to starting and completing Silent Hill 2 and I got to say... Holy hell thats an amazing game! Im glad I waited to play it this late though cuz I was able to really let it all sink in as to what makes it so timeless. Konami really needs to get back in the game and come in swinging!

KDblack67d ago

They really do! Resident Evil and Silent Hill are two very different types of horror, but they're both very good at what they do... at least, they were. RE7 managed to recapture some of that magic. Now we're all waiting for Silent Hill to make a return.

whitbyfox67d ago

Best horror series of all time, 1-3. Shattered Memories and Origins are great too. Forget the rest in the series.

Knightofelemia66d ago

Probably because it's a franchise that has a heavy following the studio who did the first three games was bloody awesome fans were teased with PT then it got scrapped. I got into SH late in the franchise played SH2 on XBox loved the game bought the rest of the games even SH1 only ones that I found were a pain were Downpour and Shattered Memories. Pretty sure if there was a remake a proper remaster or even a new game that SH game would sell really good.

Mr_Luke66d ago

Silent Hill was fantastic. The 2 was great and i liked 3 too. To be honest i liked The Room too... and Origins. That's all, the other ones for me were garbage.
I'd like a new SH but i'm scared that it won't live up to its previous chapters...

HyperMoused66d ago

Whoever is sitting on the Silent Hill ip is literally cock blocking tens of millions of dollars and should be fired.