MP1st Top 10 Games of the Generation

The MP1st staff collects votes and picks the top 10 games of this generation, and the winner is something most gamers won't think of as no. 1!

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Rebel_Scum63d ago

The idea of a FPS being #1 on any list makes me cringe.

N2NOther63d ago

The idea that someone would cringe at an FPS being number one makes me cringe. Especially when they probably haven’t played this game.

excaliburps63d ago

As what BlackDoom said. Have you even played its campaign? It's one of the best campaign FPS' ever.

MP is A-tier as well. I love God of War 2018, but even I prefer The Witcher 3 to it.

Rebel_Scum63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

yeah I played a few hours of it.