Stunning PS5 TVR Style Prisma / Chromaflair Custom Vinyl Wrap

Sony may have prevented third party sellers from providing you with replacement face/side plates, but you can do whatever you want to them yourself. This guy wrapped his PS5 in vinyl.

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SullysCigar219d ago

Lol I love that you say "TVR style". I had a Tuscan with 7 colour flip paint, pretentiously called 'Cascade Moondust'! Looked very similar to this.

Works beautifully on the PS5 curves. I want it!

JustTheFax218d ago

Sony is going to sue them

SullysCigar218d ago

They'd have a hard time trying to sue TVR, they've done bugger all for years but make promises of finally bringing us a new car lmao

fwiw, I realise that's not what you meant and you were trolling, but it did make me chuckle.

SullysCigar218d ago

Yeah, I'd prefer plates too.

xer0218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Agreed :)
But it'd look better if the vinyl wrap didn't cover the logo.

SmokinAces218d ago

Seems like a little fine tuning with an X-acto blade would solve that.

ziggurcat218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

And we see the issue with vinyl wraps in this video - the PS logo on the top is completely covered up, and it's the same thing for the "sony" text on the inside edge.

Plus over time, the constant heating up/cooling down is likely going to cause the glue to fail, especially when it's not adhered to nice, smooth surface.

Sarcasm218d ago

You're really exaggerating the "heating up/cooling down" of the side panels here. lmao.

It's not like the entire thing is an oven. The "glue" isn't going to fail. This is car Vinyl wrap. If it can wrap black cars and withstand 100F degree in the sun, it can handle a frickin' console.

ziggurcat218d ago

Not really. If the entire console was glossy plastic, sure, but the console's texture doesn't allow for the best adhesion of the vinyl.

Airbrush would have looked a lot nicer.

SmokinAces218d ago

They vinyl wrap cars bud, do you think cars never heat up?

ziggurcat218d ago

You're ignoring the difference in surface texture.

Dee_91217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

surface texture makes no difference dude, ive seen people wrap their matte cars in vinyl wrap which is a way tougher texture than a ps5. your idea of vinyl wrap is like based in the 80's and 90's lol

ziggurcat217d ago

"surface texture makes no difference dude..."

Yes, it does.

lalalala218d ago

I wouldn't necessarily mind the logos being covered tbh

SmokinAces218d ago

No you're exaggerating the issue of surface texture.

lalalala218d ago

Not sure what it's like.tbh, but isn't it loads of triangle, circles, squares and x's

SmokinAces217d ago

Fantastic response, best to keep it simple when you're wrong. Look I never said the texture isn't an issue but its not the issue you're trying to make it out to be and you only are because you were proven wrong about the heat issue so you moved on to texture. The fact is using the correct vinyl material and correct tools for applying it like a rivet brush to work the product down means the texture on the PS5 panels is not the issue for vinyl applications you're trying to make it. I encourage you instead of arguing to do some research on the subject, 3M has good information and videos regarding the topic, I think if you were better educated on the subject you'd be less argumentative and combative with people here all of which are trying to politely educate you as to why you're wrong.

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Echone1218d ago

is the only color I would consider. Ferrari red

Sophisticated_Chap218d ago

This reminds me of a certain group of people where I live who used to do pearl paint jobs on their Fox Body Mustangs and lowered Mazda B2200 trucks..... it never looked good.

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