Black Ops Cold War Expected To "Outperform" Modern Warfare

It looks like Warzone's popularity might help boost sales of Call of Duty's latest title.

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purple10172d ago

Errrrrre no. I played both. Cold war is a shambles compared. Nice maps. But just feels wrong . So all the fun is taken out. It feel like it went back ten years to a ps3/360 game compared with mw.

Shiro17371d ago

Yeah it feels like that 2 me too. Blackops4 felt better

purple10171d ago

Bo4 don't feel great though compared to modernwarfare.

They put a lot of effort into it. Characters movement feels weighty, but still fast. And the physics and realism are way better than this new cold war.

Newmanator71d ago

All PR speak for the shareholders


I'm not buying it this year. Warzone is to good and I prefer modern weapons over cold War era guns. Good luck beating out Warzone.

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