Ubisoft Replaces Achievements with Challenges on PC Going Forward

Ubisoft is becoming embroiled in another controversy, as it appears that they have removed achievements in new games on PC going forward.

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SDuck73d ago

Who cares? Trophies / Achievements never felt important on PC. I certainly don't feel like it as I used to be a Playstation guy and was hunting platinums back on my ps3 days

Knightofelemia72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Challenges over achievements aren't the same.

mastaleep72d ago

Most PC gamers are not overly attached to achievements. They will continue playing without them

Giblet_Head72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Never understood the obsession with them to begin with personally. Can't do anything with them.

QuePasa8772d ago

As a PC gamer split between so many different launchers...who really cares?

Neo11172d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Achievements are more important on consoles because there are fewer games and they are more expensive, so the average user has far fewer games to play than the PC user. Less games = more time to max the games you own. On PC, many new games (and mods) are released every month, at better prices or for free (mods), so almost no one wastes time to max out achievements ...

PS. This may change on XSX - with game pass you will have a lot of games...