PSA: You Probably Shouldn't Put PS5 Discs Into Your PS4

PSU Writes: "We have found out that your probably shouldn't put PS5 discs into your PS4 console, because the system won't read them and the disc can get stuck."

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ClayRules2012315d ago

I wasn’t planning on doing this with my PS5 games, thanks tho, I guess haha.

TheScotsman314d ago

Yeah I worry about articles like this and the stupidity of some people....

Seraphim314d ago

I don't worry about the stupidity of some people. people are inherently stupid & there are far to many morons out there. it is however sad that people actually write and post this kind of article. I mean it really goes w/o saying. and for those who are that stupid or curious. it's your dam fault for being so daft.

nirwanda314d ago

Why is it stupid when they stated it works the other way around with miles Morales.

Tacoboto314d ago

Why is this stupid and why does this go without saying? Valhalla is one disc for both Xbox platforms. PS4 Spider-Man and PS4 Sackboy work on PS5 And the PS4 Valhalla.

What's stupid is designing a hardware system where a disc gets stuck in a disc slot without manual intervention. What's truly idiotic though, are these comments above. So vitriolic over a disc slot not accepting discs and you all are like "No shit a disc slot doesn't accept a disc, stupid!"

kneon314d ago

This is an easy mistake to make if you have both machines sitting next to each other, eventually someone will put the wrong the disk in one of the machines.


The article didn't mention how long they waited, they may have panicked too soon. I've had similar issues on Windows with bad disks, but eventually it gives up and ejects it on it's own. I suspect the same may be true here, they just didn't wait long enough

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nirwanda314d ago

Can imagine quite a few people doing this to get two versions of miles Morales, it works the other way around with the PS4 version granting access to the ps5 version.
Don't see why it's so daft of people to try after all most people going to ps5 have a PS4 too.

Godmars290314d ago

Sadly, I know people who put PC discs is consoles...

darthv72315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

I wondered about this. I wasn't sure it would work going back so I opted to get the PS4 version of SM:MM so at least my son could play it on his 4 and then I could use the same disc to upgrade to the 5.

Bathyj314d ago

I'm finding most PlayStation games go both ways. Hehe.

At least digitally.

porkChop314d ago

The PS5 and Series X use UHD Blu Rays, so the PS4 and PS4 Pro wouldn't be able to read them.

314d ago
darthv72314d ago

The discs for the games arent UHD capacity though. PS5 discs and series X discs are the same bluray as ps4 and xbo.

If you had said the file structure was not compatible then sure. Like putting a ps2 cd (purple disc) into a ps1 since both are the same disc format.

porkChop314d ago

I didn't say they didn't.

I could swear I read last year that both consoles were going to be using UHD Blu Ray discs for games. If that's wrong, my bad.

ziggurcat315d ago

Moot - AskPlayStation on twitter has posted many times on how to eject discs that get stuck in the PS4.

Rainbowcookie314d ago

Well duh. Its like people putting stickers on deodorant cans telling people not to spray into your eyes...

Tacoboto314d ago

Putting a disc into a disc slot is equal to spraying chemicals in your eye?

Rainbowcookie314d ago

Not quite but the principle is the same. Why would you put a ps5 disc into a ps4... why would people spray themselves in the eye... you actually have people doing it.

Tacoboto314d ago

Here's a not-so-stupid comparison: Putting a house key into the wrong door.

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