Assassin's Creed Valhalla Runs Slightly Better On PS5 Compared to XSX

Assassin's Creed Valhalla has received its next-generation version with the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X and it appears to be a solid upgrade.

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SullysCigar68d ago

Just chuck it on the pile with the others.

potatoseal68d ago

So many are eating crow right now. Just goes to show how well designed the PS5 is. Punching above it's weight and putting the "world's most powerful console" to shame.

Sitdown68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Wait, so we not going to say it's because of poor optimizing by the developer now? Ubisoft is back on the approved list? Who are you all so bent on this console gang war?
Why are people eating crow?

Ron_Danger68d ago (Edited 68d ago )


One fan base will cry poor optimization... the other will side will be laughing at them because they’ve known that throwing powerful parts together doesn’t always equal a powerful final build.

And they’re eating crow because the most powerful console ever made is turning up to just be the man behind the curtain.

Vid for those who don’t get the reference:

bouzebbal68d ago

Last of my worries, which console runs 3rd party games best when the inferior of the two is actually performing pretty well..
Exclusives is really where it's at!!

The Wood68d ago (Edited 68d ago )


Just Stop

4Sh0w68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

So by "runs slightly better" he means a 1 second faster load time?

Come on...

...and a launch day 3rd party game is hardly going to push the strengths of either console. Parity well be down to the dev using extra power or not.

Timbo8168d ago

One does have to wonder, based on your comment if you actually read the article. “ The biggest difference appears to be regarding the load times, where the PS5 commands a roughly 12% difference. Although, in reality, this only translates to ~1 second lower load times on the PS5 compared to the Xbox Series X.”. While both systems are well designed and engineered, this punching above its weight amounts to approximately 1 second less in load time. Time to end this generation, the war has been won 🏳

potatoseal68d ago

@ sitdown, because PS5 has been getting crapped on for such a long time before the consoles were even out. Xbox fans saying how weak it is. Saying how it can't do 60 fps. Saying how it could never match 'the beast'. Saying how multiplats are going to be so much better on the Series X, and it's all complete BS. It's a total fallacy.

PS5 even gets the edge in this game and it's marketing was paid by MS. My point has ALWAYS BEEN, any difference between the 2 consoles when it comes to multiplats is going to be insignificant.

Sony 1st party will get the win with exclusives and how good they look, just like they always do.

potatoseal68d ago

@ timbo.

What is wrong with you people? It's not about which one performs better. It's about both versions being very similar. It's about any differences being largely insignificant. I'm not praising the 'PS5 performing sightly better", I'm praising the fact that the supposed weaker console is doing a damn fine job and showing the haters where they can shove it.

It's putting the Series X to shame because, on paper, and according to their hardcore fans, the Series X was going to run circles around the PS5.... and that's just not the case. Not even close.

Timbo8168d ago

What do you mean “ What is wrong with you people?” What people am I? You mean a gamer who likes all systems and thinks these immature rants about 1 second here, 2 tflops there, 5 more FPS amount the most ridiculous narrative driven by people who would rather argue than play video games? Who gives a f%€k. Seriously - you’re defending a system because people crap on it? It’s not your kid, it’s piece of silicone and metal that plays games. It’s become so embarrassing to be a gamer with all the ponies and xbots - it has to be the most toxic fan base out there. Get both FFS and just enjoy them. Who cares what others say.

NeoGamer23268d ago

Both systems are well designed. The are based off the same GPU, based off the same CPU, based off the same type of memory, and the real only difference is the architecture for storage. And from all seen so far they were different approaches with more or less the same result.

When you are comparing hardware that is barely reaching framerates of 30 fps like PS/360 to hardware that was moving into 50 fps (PS4/XBO), there was very noticeably differences. When you are comparing hardware that easily does 30 fps, is comfortable at 60 fps, and can get up to 120 fps the differences are not as visually noticeably but instead just feel better. You can't show that on videos.

badz14968d ago


I think you can blame MS for their boasting prior to release..."most powerful console ever made", "best place to play", "no compromises", etc. When in reality compromises are made everywhere even in titles they said is going to show "THE POWER OF XBOX SERIES X" like Gears5 and FH4. And all these were exposed by none other than their own fluff piece, Digital Foundry. Should have focused on the games rather than flinging those talks about POWER and this wouldn't have happened.

This case for AC Valhalla is even funnier. First it was talks about it bein native 4K on SX compared to Upscaled on PS5 which was a huge lie...and now it even runs a bit betterbon PS5? LOL

Laugh all you want about the miniscule difference here but MS fanboys were trolling the PS4 as a weak 9TF machine not that long ago and were fully confident the SX will smoke it out of the gate much like the PS4 did to the original xbone in games. Funny isn't it?

Babadook768d ago

I suspect the very high clocks combined with the excellent cache modifications are benefitting PS5 in the early comparisons. If this keeps up head to heads will get boring fast.

Dragonscale68d ago

@sitdown, so irs because 'poor optimisation' lol. If it was the other way around it'd be because PS5 is weak according to a certain fanbase..

darthv7268d ago

I guess, to be fair, when MS boasted about their SSD they didnt know what sort of SSD they would be up against. And while on paper the PS5 is double what the Series is... that doesnt really translate to much in real world comparison. Here is the ~1 second difference. Which goes to show that both did the right thing in taking data transfer more seriously. Neither is a slouch here and the games coming that will make use of the specific features of each are going to be some of the best. If a 3rd party cross gen game can be this good right off the bat.... just imagine the specific titles to come.

Flewid63868d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Im a Sony fanboy who's never owned an Xbox but....this doesnt show anything.

There are miniscule examples of games running better on Series-X as well. I still wont buy one, but barely a week into next gen, this doesn't demonstrate a thing.

jznrpg68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

@purple101 and DMC runs better on PS5 during gameplay than Series X and series X runs slightly better during cut scenes . Gameplay performance is what really matters and so far PS5 is doing much better than many Xbox fans hoped for , most of us knew they would be close . TFlops are theoretical not real world results .

RedDevils68d ago

Especially that xbox fanboy who keep bringing up DF this DF that.

Mrxboxman68d ago

Actually, most people literally don't care. We don't need youtube for one game to know which console is most powerful. It's obvious.. But whatever makes you feel better.

Zeref68d ago

So we just gonna pretend ubisoft doesn't aim for parity?

Like they have done in all previous generations.

AC oddysey and Origins run pretty much the same on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X even though Xbox One X is more powerful, so I wouldn't be cheering so soon If I were you.

SullysCigar67d ago

^ @Zeref, Xbox UK have confirmed that this game was OPTIMISED for Series X...

Microsoft also have the marketing rights...

I think it's time you started accepting that Cerney's PS5 architecture deep dive was all sound logic and we're now seeing his efforts coming to fruition.

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S2Killinit68d ago

Haha seriously the crow eating dinner is turning into a feast of a thousand nights.

68d ago
purple10168d ago

Let me add to it. In digital foundry's analysis of devil may cry 5. Ps5 shows higher frame rates in many MANY parts. Sometimes by as much as 40fps more. Other parts Xbox is higher. But for the world most powerful console to be beaten (in parts) so significantly.. by just over 40 fps, I find, rather funny.

Starman6968d ago

Could u imagine if both machines ended up being identical. These forums would be quarter the size 🤣🤣

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Necr0philiac68d ago

Big win for PS5. This is so exciting

MagUk68d ago

😂 watch the video people before you comment. Frame rate is slightly in favour of the series x and load times are slightly in favour of the PS5 NX gamer says they are basically identical. How did this get approved with the title it runs better on the PS5 when in the video he even says it runs ever so slightly better on the series x.

68d ago
MagUk67d ago

@ Mayne err yeah that’s exactly what I said and NX gamer also said he’s sure the PS5 will dip to them lower bounds too. And since when is loading 1.52 seconds faster = to a game running better?
A more consistent frame rate is key to performance! I’d take that over loading a couple of seconds of that quicker.

DigitallyAfflicted67d ago

Way misleading title!!! Both versions are same nothing major. Ps5 loads game 2 sec faster then X...

Darthpaul8467d ago

Really? Give us some links showing ur claims. I actually never heard this guy make a claim either way just try and act like the only real difference is a 1.55 second load time. Series x ran this game at a higher average FPS and higher average res but those pale in comparison to a 1.55 second load time pretty big joke . Ps5 can’t outperform the series x when it’s not even being fully utilized u think it will get any better

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RazzerRedux68d ago

Perhaps PS5 is as "underpowered" as some have claimed? Hmmm....

sophie257468d ago

I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I've been doing,


Godmars29068d ago

Or that it was designed to have less of an asset loading bottleneck.

lifeisgamesok68d ago

This and I think it's their behind the scenes focus on low latency, high bandwidth and getting more cache hits instead of misses. The PS5 seems like a very well designed console

ZeroBlue268d ago

It's dumb and myopic to use tflops as a metric for power

SmokinAces68d ago

People were told that repeatedly by individuals who knew better like devs, system engineers and analysts at Digital Foundry long before this current gen got underway and yet it didn't stop them from doing it.

phoenixwing68d ago

Mark Cerny made the console easy for developers to make games. Because of this expect the ps5 to be punching above it's weight for quite some time.

ScootaKuH68d ago

No it's all a lie!

It's all about dem flops baby.

68d ago Replies(3)
RazzerRedux68d ago

I don't have to dream. Read the article

lifeisgamesok68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

You're right about one thing and there's no mandate for developers to use the Geometry Engine currently but once they do they'll have even more control over the geometry culling and yes it is more custom and likely better than the XSX's geometry processing

68d ago
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DeadSilence68d ago

All the TFLOPS talk just about to be absolutely crushed.

Based Mark CERNY.

jukins68d ago

Yep he clearly explained why more cus isn't always better and having less at higher speeds reduces diminishing returns. Its kinda amazing seeing all that super techy talk from the first show come to fruition. Just imagine once developers come to full grips of the console

ClayRules201268d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Mark Cerny/PS5 = our version of “Cloud” technology! Oh the marvelous things Sony’s first party devs will achieve this generation, I can’t imagine.

Xbox Series X is like Mike Tyson - Both have amazing Raw power. Like Mike, Xbox will do great things (hopefully) this console generation for gamers. But while Powerful and having one of the most brutal punches in boxing history/along with some speed which helped Mike Tyson achieve amazing success and become one of boxing’s all time greatest fighters, Xbox Series X may not reach similar success.

PS5 is like Bruce Lee - Powerful/insanely fast, changed the world of martial arts forever, and was ahead of his time. And remarkably wise and humble in his learning and growing. PS5 is powerful like Xbox Series X, less TF, however that SSD is a big changer and thanks to Mark Cerny aka ip man. In this example (Bruce Lee’s master in martial arts growing up) PS5 has the advantage in areas that power alone just won’t make up for and fix. Bruce’s legacy has been remembered for so many years now, and PS5 will leave another unforgettable legacy in this generation for gamers, Sony/Cerny/and the developers to be so proud of.,

S2Killinit68d ago

LOL I didnt expect a lesson in martial arts. Sensei

Interloper68d ago

So Ps5 is going to die from an Asprin at a young age?

ClayRules201268d ago

LOL. What can I say, it just came to me.

Well, now that you mention it🤷🏼‍♂️

purple10168d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I like this.

Meanwhile Xbox is butterbean (the boxer,. Look him up, I urge you. You will smile)

Very powerful..but very slow.

PS-Gamer-198668d ago

Comparing series x to mike tyson isn't right. Mike destroyed his competition most of the time while series x won't hurt anybody

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solideagle68d ago

I wouldn't claim that over jut 1-2 seconds improvement. I would wait for few more games to be quite honest with you and No, I am not xbox owner, always owned Playstation console.

StoneyYoshi68d ago

It also held a higher dynamic resolution during these tests. But for some reason in the video he said the resolutions are the same even though he stated they were not always the same. At the end he brought up the marginal fps difference but not the resolution difference. 🤔

purple10168d ago

Check dfs comparison on devil may cry.

Very interesting.

Haha..v. interesting indeed that ps5 is over 40fps ahead at points.

zackeroniii68d ago

what's even more funny is that this is gonna be a trend. devil may cry 5 also performed poorly on series x compared to ps5... but the POWAHHH

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Destiny108068d ago (Edited 68d ago )

series x version has consistent screen tearing, which for me makes it unplayable

pingthing68d ago

How would you know?, in a previous comment you claim to own a PS5.. make your mind up bud🤥🤷‍♂️

Minute Man 72168d ago

Destiny owns both???? Nah 😆

StoneyYoshi68d ago

"How would you know?" The guy in the video says so... Did you watch the video?

Besides screen tearing can happen anywhere. Plenty of games over the years have had screen tearing on both systems so I'm sure he has experienced it to know if screen tearing is a deal breaker for him.

SmokinAces68d ago

Well I imagine he knows because he read the article where they clearly said screen tearing was more prevalent on series x.

SullysCigar68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

For the record, Dirt 5 also has notable screen tearing on Series X that is not a problem on PS5.

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Akarogg 68d ago

If you watch the video it's actually the opposite of what the headline says in terms of fps. They are very similar though.

SierraGuy68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I noticed that too I'm not sure what's up with all that screen tearing and even studders when entering big sections of open world's.

The screen tearing is the worst at 120hz.


I actually wasn't expecting this. Cerny was smart to focus on removing bottlenecks as opposed to raw power.

Shiken68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

The article literally says the only difference is 1 second faster load times on the PS5. Screen tearing is occasional on both, both run at a smooth 60fps, and both average 1800p (did you even read it?). You ponys are making a big deal about 1 second like that somehow makes a big difference.

In reality, all that tells me is that the extra speed in the SSD is not as much as a game changer as some people think if it only gets you 1 second extra. I mean hell, that is about as significant as the extra .1 fps on the XSX version (meaningless on both accounts). It also tells me that this is a gen 8 game that is not pushing either console to the max, but is using the raw power of both to get around optimization.

In this case, this is pretty much a tie and both versions are a win. Clowns that are getting all worked up over something like this only makes their own fanbase look bad, regardless of the side.

ThinkThink68d ago

Just think about all that you can do with that extra second. They add up ;)

Rude-ro68d ago

And to think Microsoft paid millions via gaming sites to make said comparisons “something” while trying to gain a foothold in the gaming market.

You can roll your eyes.. but the seeds were planted due to marketing tactics via Microsoft... so you kind of need to point your fingers at them.

Not making any new good game for close to a decease and only flexing “power” for third party games gets this type of “fan-war” going in the first place.