PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X vs Sabrent Rocket PCIe 4.0 SSD vs HDD load times

The PlayStation 5 has now joined the Xbox Series X in being officially launched, and the two current-gen consoles have united with a superfast Sabrent Rocket NVMe M.2 PCIe 4.0 1 TB SSD in a game load time comparison against a lowly PC hard drive. The real celebration here involves saying farewell to last-generation load times.

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moongrim1051d ago ShowReplies(17)
rlow11051d ago

Interesting mix, Xbox and PS5 are practically the same and not a big difference between the two. What really shows is the difference between SSD and Mechanical.

SierraGuy1051d ago

Uh half the time is a big difference to me thanks... speak for yourself.

SmokinAces1051d ago

Which game was half the time between xbox and PS5?

SierraGuy1051d ago

Dmc 5 and watch dogs legion.

S2Killinit1051d ago

That 2 to 3 seconds is a big deal when used for fetching in game assets from the SSD.

frostypants1051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

Good riddance to HDDs. Most aggravating system bottleneck for literally decades. I finally got an SSD for my D: drive on my PC (boot drive was already SSD)...my old HDD is now relegated to being little more than a file dumpster. There's no reason to buy HDDs anymore unless you just need absolutely stupid amounts of cheap space. Soon even non-game apps will be developed with the expectation that they'll be run off an SSD. HDDs will be nothing more than archival storage.

sophie25741050d ago

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mandf1051d ago

These sites are dense last gen games dont get the same benefits on ps5 as far as loads. Digital foundary already spoke about this. Only next gen games will get near instantaneous loads. It's like the media hasn't been paying attention

ABizzel11051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

I'm so sick of going to articles expecting to see the performance of PS5 games running on an external SSD compared to the internal SSD and Xbox external performance, only to come to another ridiculous last-gen SSD battle that has already been done to death, and seeing people in the comment section acting like they haven't seen the 12 other articles just like it and people and tech sites constantly saying last-gen games don't maximize the SSDs on the consoles -_-

I like notebookcheck for quick mobile GPU performance (laptop and similar devices), but this was an unnecessary article from them.

rpvenom1051d ago

We really need to just stop comparing the two consoles over a measly few seconds.. Pick the console that offers the games you want to play. Simple. If you like sony exclusives, get sony.. if you want xbox exclusives, get xbox.

Imortus_san1051d ago

So much for the super SSD that was 2 times the speed, got it.

SierraGuy1051d ago

It is 2x...it's just a tough pill to swallow for certain individuals...like it's hard to swallow the higher fps count in performance mode in dmc 5 or how horizon 4 looks worse on series x than one x.

orakle441051d ago

You are trying too hard. The Forza Horizon 4 looks amazing on the series X.

SierraGuy1051d ago

I never said horizon 4 looks terrible...DF did the comparison.

Imortus_san1048d ago

dmc 5 as one better mode vs de the other 3, and damm I would play that crap game on any next gen console.

Father__Merrin1051d ago

This is just pure load times on current gen titles. Once games are developed only for ssd pc will be left behind almost all pc won't have ultra fast ssd apart from those who seem to remain on Web forums

Shiore2u1051d ago (Edited 1051d ago )

Does your local government require you to wear a helmet when you go outside?

GameBoyColor1051d ago

Pc standardizes though, so new customers and upgraders will have pcie4 and nvme prices are only going down within MONTHS. Then a few years or so and pcie5 comes and repeat. PC never gets left behind.

NEXUS-61050d ago

How many PC gamers upgrade every time there's an advancement in tech? Bugger all, yes the products are there - just percentage wise next no one has them.
How many PC gamers are M.2 as we speak?
How many games are designed around NVMe?
That's the difference between console and PC, that's the benefit of each. One is cheap and cutting edge, the other expensive, bloated, prone to compatibility issues between GPU's and some games.

Giblet_Head1050d ago (Edited 1050d ago )

@NEXUS-6 Lmao. Cutting edge? These things were outdated on arrival, especially compared to rigs like mine. That's the only difference that matters between consumers. You pay more over a generation period for less in return. Asking who owns what isn't an argument. For example, I can sell a single part whenever I feel like and pay half or less of what I'd need to and completely scatter your grandiose delusions into the wind for years. Same song and dance every generation when 'certain' people get a taste of tech modernity that's existed for years elsewhere.

specialguest1051d ago

LOL! Tell me... does it make you wanna cry? T_T