Does PS5 Support Dolby Atmos And DTS:X For Movies And Games? writes: "It turns out that the PS5 actually supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio output formats. Although, this support is only for Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray discs."

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NealGamby386d ago

Where's Dolby Vision!? Where's Variable Refresh Rate?!

Sonyslave3386d ago

Where the rdna 3 at according to insiders.

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Atticus_finch385d ago

Where the "beast"?
Where's the innovation?
Where are the games?

Mr_Luke385d ago

Where are the screws that fell?

blady_man385d ago

I hope you mean Rdna 2 as 3 is not even out on pcs! RDNA 2 Just come about not long ago!!

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Teflon02386d ago

Barron assuming will come same time as they add it to the X900H TV or around then. They said they're awaiting certification for them to use it then they'll get to adding it to the TV. I'd imagine they're doing so for the console same time seeing they're suppose to be partners

Loktai386d ago

Nobody promised Dolby vision, and vrr is supported. Where is wifi6 on xbox where is pcie4 ? Where are controller haptics?

CaptainHenry916385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Wifi 6 can't come to Xbox because that's hardware and not software lol unless there's an Xbox series X Pro edition 😂

dcbronco385d ago

Cap'n, you're going to need that wifi 6 when you're downloading the same game over and over. Want to play Demon Souls. Maybe tomorrow. I hit my data cap.

jukins385d ago

Lol forget the features. Where are the games

Fantangoooo385d ago

FUD...Dolby Vision and Atmos is not support via games. Alot of people talk WIFI6 without understanding. in order for it to work, you need a wifi 6 router. current wifi5 has speeds of 3.8GB/s transfer speeds and absolutely no one is using the level of speed from their ISP provider. Wifi6 goes as high as 9GB/s. So using that as a point to bash the Xbox is senseless with lack of basic understanding of the technology.

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tombfan385d ago

I looooove the haters, most of us doesn't have a VRR screen, neither a Dolby Atmos sound system and Dolby Vision is just another name for HDR

dcbronco385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Or 4k. Or the ability to tell the difference. So it's all really funny that it's such a huge debate. But that's what companies do. Get you clamoring for things you don't want, need, know how to use or really have any value yet. I bet no one has done a report on how many games used a full bluray disc on ps3. A handful. But Sony said that slow assed drive was a necessity. And sheep believed despite all the evidence against it. How many uncompressed audio files did they add to fill space for audiophile level sound going through $60 speakers for average ears damaged by years of headphone use. What a joke.

Shane Kim385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

I have the LG CX, so VRR support would be nice. Same with Vision couse it's Dolbys take on HDR wich may or may not be better than standard HDR. Atmos i don't know. We have the Tempest audio engine so why need Atmos?

NealGamby385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Slow down, Kemosabe. I’m a PlayStation fanboy. No need to be getting all riled up. I don’t even own a Xbox. Never will. Doesn’t matter that most don’t own a VRR capable tv. Sony said they support it so I was just asking where is it. And as far as Dolby Vision is concerned, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Dolby Vision is the best HDR because it uses a higher color bitrate than HDR10 and HDR10+. The reason Sony went with normal HDR is because Dolby Vision isn’t freeware. They would’ve had to pay a license fee. They went cheapo.

MajorLazer385d ago

Actually HDR10 & 10+ are 10 bit whilst Dolby Vision is 12 bit. What that means is that 10 & 10+ can output 1.07 billion colors whereas DV can output 68.7 billion colours. Big difference.

I'm actually really dissapointed the PS5 won't use DV, but 10+ will do.

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Phoenix029385d ago

Apparently the Sony TV’s can’t support 120Hz, 4K and all the 2.1 features with Dolby Vision at the same time. This could be why PS5 doesn’t use it?

boing1385d ago

Just so you know, Dolby Vision for 4k br movies isn't supported on XSX too. Just for apps and games.

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rlow1386d ago

Sony would need for other companies to adopt their format for it to become a competitor outside of their own audio equipment.

Teflon02386d ago

These days people are getting more inclined to stay within brands so it's not much of a issue, especially when the tech is something that doesn't require special hardware like their 3D audio

camel_toad386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

I've had a 9.2.4 sound system with atmos for a few months but I have to say when I first booted up Astros Play Room I was truly impressed. The tempest engine lives up to the hype. It sounds so crystal clear and the positioning is amazing. I'm saving my use of the pulse headset for when I can kick back with some solid quality Demon Souls time.

SierraGuy386d ago

Imo atmos is a downgrade. Sony owns audio tech.

Kurt Russell385d ago

I've 5.2.2 with atmos... I find even this to be impressive. Your amp must be a badass!

camel_toad385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

@Kurt Russell

It's actually 2 subwoofers but yeh as @SierraGuy said I also feel like the Tempest Engine is better than Atmos.

Blown away.

rockwhynot385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Would someone please explain to me what the appeal is with vrr? I don't see the appeal in having the frame rate sporadically jump all over the place while claiming to be a more stable experience trying to hover around frame rate integers of 15.

Taero385d ago

Sure, VRR means that the TV/monitor alters its refresh rate or the rate at which it displays frames to match the fps sent by the console. If a console locks in at 30 or 60 then theres no problem with 60hz refreshes but imagine a 60Hz display trying to display 60 frames a second but your console is giving 42, you get stuttering, tearing, juddering etc. Instead with VRR on the TV would show 60fps when the console is at it but if it drops to say 53 then the TV matches that rate.

rockwhynot384d ago

Oh wow so it's actually a feature similar to G-sync then I guess? Thanks for explaining it to me. I had confused vrr with adaptive vsync.

maybelovehate385d ago

The appeal is that no games have a solid frame rate, so without VRR you either have VSYNC "which results in stuttering" or you have screen tear if you don't have VSYNC. All gaming monitors these days have VRR, it is pretty much a must.

SirBruce385d ago

Developers must pay for licenses. Sony only pays for their own sound systems. So, solution is easy... developers, if you want to use third party licenses, pay for them. If not, use what Sony gives for free.