Five PS5 Launch Titles You Should Play

Game Informer: "Were you lucky enough to get a PlayStation 5 today? Here's what we think you should play first."

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ziggurcat931d ago

I'll be doing Demon's Souls, Miles Morales, and Sackboy. I've also got Valhalla that I haven't started yet as I'm waiting on my PS5.

BrainSyphoned931d ago

Ghost of Tsushima, Astro and some Skyrim. I'm using the Xbox vernacular for launch titles.

Sayai jin931d ago

You guys never get tired of it.

Hellcat2020931d ago

I got Demons Souls, Miles Morales, Sackboy, Godfall, Valhalla, Cold War and The Pathway today
My ps5 just arrived 30 minutes ago

Sayai jin931d ago

Nice! I have Demon Souls and Spider man. I am not sure which sysyem I will get multiplat

Ron_Danger931d ago

I played Godfall for hours today. It’s exactly what I wanted in a looter dungeon crawler. Astrobot is also amazing. It’s such a love letter to PS fans with all the Easter eggs. The PS5 version of Borderlands 3 also has some decent Duelsense support with the guns feeling different

EazyC931d ago

Judging by the incredible backwards compatible performance, I'd say going through the backlog of PS4 stuff will be a treat for many...going from 30FPS to 60FPS is a revelation. Personally, I can't wait to play Assetto Corsa Competizione at 60 frames!