Forza Horizon 4 On Xbox Series X And S Is Upgraded In Key Areas But Downgraded In Others

Alex Battaglia of Digital Foundry writes, "Forza Horizon 4 isn't just one of the best Xbox exclusives, it's also one of the greatest racing games ever made. A couple of years back, we lauded excellent Xbox One, One X and PC versions - and loved the way that Microsoft's enhanced console offered the option of 1080p60 racing, a first for the series. With the arrival of Xbox Series X and the junior S, 60fps is now the standard. Advantages for the new version are plain to see across the board, but surprisingly - and disappointingly - there are some visual cutbacks too."

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lifeisgamesok689d ago

It'll be interesting to see what other trade offs there will be in some other games pushing for native 4K 60FPS

I'll say it again, native 4K is a waste

potatoseal688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

I swear. I was switching between Native 4k and Dynamic 4k on Demon's Souls and YOU CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE. It is so insignificant that you'd be crazy to play it in native 4k, when you can get Dynamic at 60 FPS. There is no contest.

ALL DEVS should abandon any native 4k plans and just do Dynamic will the bells and whistles and FPS. That's it

*edit - I didn't watch the video, just read the first comment

gamer7804688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

Or for those who prefer pristine visuals just offer more modes. Easy please everyone. That said maybe they can patch the other issues

SierraGuy688d ago

Truth is the game renders at 60fps...but not the car models...they are still

And we finally see that series x struggles with load times in open world games.


ABizzel1688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

Technically this is still a last-gen game. A patched one to work with Series X, but still patched, I'd wait until full next-gen games come out before we confirm that. Also it says in the video it's using the SSD and CPU only to boost load times, not compression and I/O enhancements.

gamer7804688d ago

Depends on who you talk to. Native 4K looks so crisp and nice compared to a rejiggered version. Depending on the game I’d take that and a locked 30. They should offer more modes to please everyone

cbuc1125688d ago

bbbbbbbb but....12TF! 🤣

ClayRules2012688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

Hey! Now stop that. You know the 12TF matter. Just like years ago when the gaming world was told by Microsoft about the REVOLUTIONARY “POWER OF...THE ☁️“🤣

I just had to. But this does suck for gamers, in terms of visual cutbacks.

medman688d ago

No, Microsoft simply forgot a decimal point. It's 1.2 TF. Jokes on everybody.

XiNatsuDragnel688d ago

Well for 12tf compromises have to be made unfortunately.

Deathdeliverer688d ago

Seriously..... that made sense in your head? This is a Xbox One game.

Noskypeno688d ago

It could just be a bad port like the Halo pc port from 2003 looked worse on more powerful PC's compared to the weaker consoles for whatever reason.

Destiny1080688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

series s can only manage 1080p on this old title
series x, no ambient occlusion, no headlight shadows, missing shadows on distance trees, in game character model animates at 30fps, a pc with similar ssd loads much faster

Blade92688d ago

Agreed. a high end PC can easily run this game at 4k maxed settings with 80 to 90fps in free roam, and 65fps in large sized races.

dRanzer688d ago

A high end pc that cost triple compere to series x

Father__Merrin688d ago

I dunno I installed this on the S and tbh it looked incredible can't believe how clear the display is on a 1080p 55" LG plasma that I use

Locutus_of_borg688d ago

Yup... im playing on the S and to me the whole game was an improvement... not once did i feel it was cutback from the xbox one x, although i did play that version in performance mode

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