Halo Infinite Craig meme is now a t-shirt worn by Microsoft employees

Phil Spencer also confirmed Craig will remain a part of Halo lore

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purple10168d ago

anyone remember n64??

the graphics look just like turok or some n64 game from the 90's.. enjoy your 12tf people.

darthv7268d ago

Im sure they will. And like sonic in the movie... craig wont look the same when its released.

4Sh0w67d ago

Glad they got a sense of humor, I just hope 343's talent shines brighter than their sense of humor when the game launches.

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roadkillers67d ago

Haha! Enjoy playing $70 per game. I'll enjoy my 4.99 Gamepass!!

N64 was the best!

PS-Gamer-198667d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Lol that's like mocking someone with "enjoy your rib-eye steak for 30 $, i'll enjoy my rat burger for 3 bucks" lol.

WillyC00967d ago


Dude that is just savage & hilarious. Have an upvote on me friend 👍


Z50167d ago

Things broke people say.
(aka pocket watchers)
Own > Rent

Echone167d ago

A game that costs 70 has to prove its quality to sell. For a 4.99 game pass, average is enough. Proving competition's ability and assertion is the main engine for improvement and the need to give your best. That's why Sony has, and will have, better rated games.

dcbronco67d ago

Three blind mice. PS,Willy and 501. You play the same game plus hundreds more for $15 as opposed to paying $70 each. That's intelligent. One day you'll wake up and realize you've been in a short skirt and heels in the middle of winter on a corner for marketing all your life.

purple10167d ago

Dreamcast was the best. N64 was aiiite

SmokinAces67d ago

Ok we'll enjoy paying one time to own instead of forever to rent.

N64 had some greats, still remember those Golden Eye sessions.

Michiel198966d ago

@echone1 except you forget that the games are also up for regular sale.... so there goes your essay about competition and bla bla bla
Im not sure why people are shitting on gamepass so much, its just an alternative way of paying, its basically just a rental service, just like ps+ does it. Once you stop paying you cant play them anymore.

I guess its just hard to accept for some people that MS is having a good service for a change.

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Terry_B67d ago

I know a good eye doctor, maybe he can fix your eyes

Father__Merrin67d ago

Xbox series X has 12TF of gameplay. Its another generation they have thrown away why can't they just learn..

66d ago
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potatoseal68d ago

No matter how much you try to embrace the meme... we're all still laughing at you, not with you on this one. The gameplay demo you approved and showed was an epic embarrassment and it will be remembered for a long time. Sorry, but it's true

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jdaboss67d ago ShowReplies(6)
Sitdown67d ago

If you are still laughing, there might be deeper issues at play. How was the gameplay epic embarrassment?

RedDevils66d ago

Well you can figure that out yourself.

ZeroBlue267d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Yeah, in order to embrace a meme like this, it has to be something that doesn't remind everyone of your failure.

Rocosaurus67d ago

"Will be remembered a long time" - Dude, you should get out more.

Edgelordsupreme67d ago

He is here every day posting the same shit.

darthv7267d ago

Well, they embraced the refrigerator meme to the point they made real refrigerators so who knows with this one. Don't take things so seriously about them owning it. It shows they arent just ignoring things like they used to in the past.

Owning it and being able to poke fun at themselves is something they needed to do for a really long time. Just go with it brotato

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XiNatsuDragnel68d ago

Yeah we are lowkey laughing at ya but good job on you for being mature about it.

Destiny108068d ago

i will hold my laughter until release day

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