FIFA 21 will soon let you track and set limits on how many FIFA Points you buy

From Eurogamer: "A big change is coming to FIFA 21: the game will soon let you impose strict limits on the amount you play and spend.

The decision comes at a time when EA is under increasing pressure from governments, parents, players and class action lawsuits over the controversial FIFA Ultimate Team mode and its impact on children."

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Agent_00_Revan73d ago

EA: "See? We fixed the problem!"

slayernz72d ago

this ship has sailed for me - took last year off fifa got back into it this year and have hated it...bought 16000 fifa points and opened a heap of packs and best player i managed to pack was henderson from liverpool (twice!) what a waste of $140.....then you just face the same sweaty teams over and over......these limits arent going to do anything they need a complete overhaul of ultimate team - but with the money that all the you tubers et al pump in they'll never change it....just make silly little changes like this and say look everyone we are changing!

69d ago