Demon’s Souls Review in Progress – a PS5 must-play, but something is missing | TheSixthAxis

TheSixthAxis writes: Eleven years ago, if you had told me Demon’s Souls would be one of the most anticipated PlayStation 5 launch titles, I wouldn’t have believed you. Having seen the occasional glimpse of this mysterious RPG in magazines and message boards, I quickly caved and imported a copy from Hong Kong which luckily played in English.

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MaximusTKG155d ago

A lot of nit picking. This sounds like the reviewer is telegraphing his upcoming review bomb and hoping to get some clicks out of it.

Mr Pumblechook155d ago

This isn't a multiplayer game, so it would have been better for the website to finish playing the game to have a full understanding of all the strengths and weaknesses of the playability and the graphics before giving a half-review. In fact, it seems to be so light on detail, it's actually a summary of what Demon's Souls is about rather than a review, and only references the prologue. I could have written with more detail just from watching the Sony State of Play so this review in progress actually raises a lot of questions about what exactly has been played.

blitz0623155d ago

I have to agree with his view on the style tho, some of the unique style the original had is sort of missing, like the UI. It really shouldn't be too much of an issue

fewDankMemes155d ago


It most certainly is a multiplayer game and a lot of co op features have been touted for a while.

fewDankMemes154d ago

Why in the fuck do I have 5 disagrees lol? Is the PVP in the game not multiplayer? Is the co op and summoning aspect not multiplayer? Are we changing the definition of multilayer on this site? What the hell lol

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Shane Kim155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

It's the same game with better controls, graphics and audio. How can it be worse unless you clearly are looking for hits?

Smclaren1985155d ago

You just need to watch the comparisons videos of the original and remake to see just how faithful it is to the original this article is nonsense lol

solideagle155d ago

"This is number 1 Bull shit" Khabib Nurmagomedov

lol I have played and finished Demon Soul 1, so I know how good this game is. you dont need to tell me that improved version is inferior to original DS.

Fluttershy77155d ago

Everything is sparkly, shiny and colorful... The atmosphere of the original is lost

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potatoseal155d ago

I've been playing it for hours and hours and it's..... PHENOMENAL. Just fantastic. I'm in love with the game.


It is THE ONLY reason to jump into next gen at this point imo.

Tacoboto155d ago

"The plain, statuesque look of some enemies, as well as the game’s brutish architecture, has been partially lost..."

This is the only negative thing the author says... And it reads like a good thing. This author really wanted that headline.

TheEroica155d ago

It's just one person's opinion. We all have to learn to keep perspective when it comes to reviews.

jznrpg155d ago

@Fluttershy you can play in Sepia mode if want

155d ago
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moriarty1889155d ago

the game looks, sounds and plays great. what else really matters? some people have to always try and find something. Nothing in life is perfect.

LoveSpuds154d ago

Exactly chief.

Its the same with anything that has a following in my experience, there are always those who adopt an entrenched position that 'the original was better' or this stupid snobbery that 'you people new to this thing don't have a clue about the original source'. For example, I recall forum threads with people rubbishing the Lord of the Rings movies back in the day because they considered themselves experts in the books etc.

This article is just the same, this person want to 'show off' that he is a bigger fan than you mere mortals who have turned up late to the party.

Old_Boss_155d ago

Only thing missing is my PS5 gotta wait till the 19th :(

Smclaren1985155d ago

Same here lol watching everyone else In the world get there’s lol

alexa9672155d ago

I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I've been doing,


Mr_Luke155d ago

Yes... i share your pain, same here :(

RickRoland155d ago

He's complaining its too detailed? There's filters at least to change the color palette back to the PS3 style if that is preferred....beyond that I cant imagine why that would be an issue

RPGer155d ago

That is why Minons are only males

Dragonscale155d ago

Because they'll take what they can get no matter how trivial or stupid even.

SmokinAces155d ago

You mean you've never played a game and thought to yourself I wish this game looked less detailed and more "plain".

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