What is the best console launch game of all time?

With the arrival of the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5, all eyes are on the next-generation of games and, right now, what the new hardware is offering in terms of day one gaming. So, this week we're asking: What is the best console launch game of all time?

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septemberindecember315d ago

Breath of the Wild for me, but I also think that Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, and Halo 1 were pretty significant. Resistance 1 for the PS3 is overlooked I feel as well.

CrimsonWing69315d ago

You’ll laugh but I think Mario 64 left the biggest impression on me and it was the first console I got at launch. I remember a few of my friends in the neighborhood coming over after I got back home and we just played it for the whole day passing off the controller.

It might be part nostalgia but I just remember us all being “wowed” by the game unlike how we were with SNES games when we were all playing it.


Going to have to be Soul Caliber for me. Its really the first were the arcade game paled in comparison to the home version.