Yakuza: Like a Dragon review – a gangland buddy movie that's game for a laugh | Guardian

Allowing you to control a group of characters, rather than just one, is a bold move for this hilarious Japanese reboot.

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Minute Man 72174d ago

If Microsoft doesn't show gamers what they are working on (VGA) soon they will lose any hope of competing this gen

phoenixwing74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

let's be real the only thing they're worried about is how many they can produce because of both launch hype and covid they can't even keep up with demand. So they basically will get a pass for the year and a good portion of next year as well. After that they have games releasing by the end of 2021 like the delayed halo game. Then they'll have all the heavy hitters from their own studios. Microsoft will get away with mediocrity for awhile before having to take anything seriously so no, they don't have to release anything at the vga.

as a side note they also are making money off of pc gamers from their game pass platform. i should know i've signed up for the service. It's a good deal if you're a pc gamer.

CrimsonWing6974d ago

I am really enjoying this game. Ichiban is a major dork, but I love how he always swings for the fences. Battle system is fantastic. A lot of humor as well mixed with the seriousness.

phoenixwing74d ago

It also runs great on my pc and is well optimized i think. I was able to have it run with ray tracing and ultra settings basically on a 2070 super.