The dawn of a new generation: PS5 is almost here

We're finally here: the PS5 is now launching.

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RaidenBlack1312d ago

We're officially at 9th gen of gaming.

Mr_Luke1311d ago

Great, i'm ready for it! :D


LEGO Horizon Adventures Preview: A Delightful New Take on Aloy's World | CGM

LEGO Horizon Adventures was an absolute blast to play and delivered a deeper experience than I thought possible from a family-friendly take on one of PlayStation's more serious franchises.

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Black Myth: Wukong Devs Refused To Work with Sweet Baby Inc

According to the latest report, Black Myth Wukong developers refused to work with Sweet Baby Inc. due to unbelievably high guidance fees.

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bananacrust8h ago

theres nothing to this story and its rage bait. why would a chinese company work with a north american firm on chinese ideals?

-Foxtrot8h ago

The real question is why would an American consultant firm even try to get a Chinese company to agree to any kind of deal knowing the countries ideals. They approached them first.

It’s just arrogant that they think they could dictate what a studio in another country does

When you have the co-founder saying stuff like this


You can see why they think they could even try to do this to a Chinese based studio.

What’s next? Threaten them? Try to cancel them? Get western journalists to write hit pieces on them and play down the game?

They shouldn’t have even approached them to begin with, they have no right.

Also the price of their services is insane

isarai3h ago

Exactly what i was thinking, the whole concept of SBI is absurd to me.

H91h ago

Actually IGN already did, GS refused the deal with SBI in the past which prompted IGN to write a hit piece last year about how sexist GS are, they replied on poorly translated old remarks made by some of the devs

--Onilink--39m ago(Edited 38m ago)

I dont know, a consulting firm offering services to a company from a different plac, that is no doubt also trying to reach the market said consulting firm is located in, seems like a perfectly reasonable scenario to me.

Same if the company would reach out to consulting firms instead.

Obviously thats unrelated to the specifics of the consulting firm in question and whether the other company is interested in that kind of assistance for their product.

But generally speaking, a consulting firm from one location trying to get to work with a company from a different location sounds like such a normal thing to me, no idea why you think they shouldn’t have even approached them based on being from different countries

Aphrodia7h ago

finally the gaming community is learning about the politcally correct consultant companies and the racket they are running.

H91h ago

Now is a good time to remind people of the IGN hit piece on sexism in Game Science studio that came out of nowhere last year
This is a application to how the co-founder of SBI admitted to bully studios into working with them


Astro Bot Hands-On Preview - A Joyful PS5 Platforming Adventure | CGM

CGM Writes: After seeing the new PlayStation exclusive, Astro Bot at Summer Game Fest, we give our take if it truly is as joyful as it looks.

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Jin_Sakai1h ago

These are the kind of games I like. Can’t wait!

Hofstaderman1h ago

Can't wait. Can never bring myself to delete the first one off my ssd even when I need space, its that good.