PS5's Launch Lineup Is Impressive

IGN's weekly PlayStation show offers its impressions of some of the PS5 launch lineup, including Spider-Man, Sackboy, Bugsnax, The Pathless, and much more!

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Jin_Sakai65d ago

Agreed. This is how you do a next gen console launch. Amazing launch lineup aside we also get a next gen controller, next gen UI, and a free bundled game.

blackblades65d ago

This is why ps5 is trending way more.

PowerPlayaaa65d ago

Spot on. Couldn't have said it any better.
The PS5 is a complete package 👑

talocaca65d ago

I have to agree. I pre-ordered with Max Morales Ultimate and Demon's Souls.

But I also got Astrobot and Bugsnax for free (plus all the stuff on the PS Plus collection).

And that's day one.

spicelicka65d ago

Honestly what is so impressive about it compared to PS4 and PS3? The Xbox Series X/S launch lineup is non-existent so that's already an embarrassment not worth talking about, but why are people claiming the PS5 has the greatest launch lineup ever? Is it simply the quantity? Last I checked from the big titles Demon Souls is just a remaster of an 11 year old game, Miles Morales is a cross-gen expansion, and Godfall is a mediocre timed exclusive. PS4 launched with Killzone SF and Knack, and PS3 launched with Resistance and Motorstorm, which are actual next gen full exclusives.

RosweeSon64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Personally for me I’m not that over excited about it spider man miles morales is my day1 observer system shock as didn’t play it last gen and looks cool (and despite not being best game I enjoyed Blair witch and made by same people) plus it’s £24.99 day1. £70 games nahhh 😂✌🏻 I’m really excited for horizon god of war gran Turismo amongst others of course I’ll check out the free ps+ offerings but never really enjoyed the platforming in little big planet just always seemed a bit off but then it’s was a side dish to the whole create your own games etc but yeha destruction all stars has gone free and bugsnax I think. Not a souls fan so yeah not the best line Up by any stretch certainly beats ps3 for me but that wasn’t hard 😂🤷🏻‍♂️ ✌🏻
One of my favourites (launches) has gotta be GameCube Luigis mansion Star Wars rogue squadron and super monkey ball day1 😍🙌🏻 n64 was another great one mario 64 shadows of the empire which I loved and Pilotwings 🙌🏻