Microsoft's Phil Spencer Shoots Down Japanese Studio Acquisition Rumors

Microsoft's Head of Gaming Phil Spencer has effectively shot down the recent rumors on Japanese game studio acquisitions.

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ApocalypseShadow312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Could have told you that. Wait. I did like the other things I mention.

15-20 years in the game, a company worth a TRILLION...Wait. Let's stop just on that for a minute. IMAGINE a TRILLION dollar worth to siphon from. Imagine the stack of 500 million dollars building and most likely, millions more fixing Halo Infinite. Imagine the 7.5 billion to buy Zenimax.

Now, ask yourself,

*Why is this company unwilling or unable to build a Japanese Studio to make Xbox games?*

Sony has Studios in other countries besides Japan. And is worth way less than Microsoft. How come Microsoft can't do the same? Not only that, but Sony's American developer, Sucker Punch, made an amazing Japanese game by researching Japanese history. Seriously, Ghost of Tsushima is amazing. How come Microsoft can't do that? More money and ability to hire talent straight out of Japanese schools. Yet, they haven't done that in their time in the game industry.

Buying a Japanese Studio isn't what's needed. It's the effort and risk taking that Sony does that is needed at Microsoft. If they can build 'The Initiative,' they can build a Japanese Studio. Or, should have by now after all these years if they are supposedly serious about gaming and growing their non English speaking markets.

curtain_swoosh311d ago

also, xbox branch's reputation to being twats. scalebound comes to mind. Japanese folks are very proud and would rather stick together than to bond with american companies. cant blame them.

Imp0ssibl3311d ago

Recently developers have reported Microsoft being very good to them, though.

porkChop311d ago

Scalebound wasn't Xbox's fault. The devs themselves have told people to stop blaming Xbox.

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Sciurus_vulgaris312d ago

Microsoft’s studio acquisitions have been spaced out. Studios were purchased [the Initiative was internally built] in 2018 and then in 2019. Their current acquisition of Zenimax is still ongoing due it size and cost. I don’t think Microsoft will purchase more studios until after Zenimax is fully purchased and semi-integrated into the Xbox Division.