The PS5's PlayStation Store Is Cleaner, More Organised, And Much Quicker

PSU Writes: "The PS5's PlayStation Store looks far cleaner and more organised than it did on PS4. It also runs a whole lot quicker. Take a look at our tour here."

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RaidenBlack75d ago

A lot quicker than PS4's.
But i normally use the webstore. And I am starting to hate the redesigned new one.
It might look a modern but its cumbersome, sometimes price won't populate, no labels, becomes difficult to distinguish between different versions/bundles of a same game and having trouble finding individual add-ons which I bought.
Not a good user experience.
Really missing the older one. At least it was functional through and through.

Teflon0275d ago

The one on the app works good. On the web browser sucks but the mobile is definitely better than desktop even in that. But i've been able to get what I need without issue. They need to do some QoL clean up work and add the trailers and such to all games. i know some games actually have pretty detailed games, but that seems to only be like newer ones or important games

Rebel_Scum74d ago

And it had wishlists which were a sneaky way to see sales prices a day earlier than they would appear on the store. It was kinda handy.

SullysCigar75d ago

So glad to hear the improvements to this. Always felt like a weak link in the overall experience, despite the progress they slowly made on PS4.

Seems like a little thing, but just gets me more hyped for PS5!

sourOG75d ago

Good to hear. That was my only issue with psn.

franwex75d ago

PS4 and the new Xbox store suck.

Why does Nintendo have a better store, but has a horrible online structure? Why is the universe so strange?

Viryu74d ago

It's all good and fine, but bring back wishlist, screenshots, trailers, categories, filtring to the webstore. Currently it looks like a bugged mess.

MrNinosan74d ago

All that is on the PS5 which this post is about.
Use the mobile-app instead of the Web-browser and stop crying.

instantstupor74d ago

Yeesh, you could get the same info across and sound helpful if you just removed the "stop crying" bit. What the heck was the benefit of that? The webstore does suck, quite a lot, compared to what it used to be. Great that it is better on the console and the mobile app. Doesn't help the webstore for those that like or preferred to use that instead.

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