Is the PlayStation 5's Disc Drive Worth the Money?

Right now the only thing harder to get than a PlayStation 5, is the digital edition.

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PS-Gamer-1986819d ago (Edited 819d ago )

Yes it is. It costs 100 bucks more, but i will get that back very soon by saving on games which i can find cheaper in other stores( online and offline) than ps store and having the option to resell them once i'm done with them

Double_O_Revan819d ago

Exactly. You could make up the price with reselling the 1st 2 games you play and beat.

savedsynner819d ago

Exactly. Digital game codes typically take much longer to go on sale(though are more likely to become free over time) plus it can double as a blue ray play as many people use their playstation as a complete home entertainment center(kind of like how nintendo marketed the NES originally).

And if you're like me, you have a sub to gamefly to try a game and this is only possible with physical copies.

818d ago
Eidolon819d ago

Gamefly/renting/borrowing is an option. A lot of my physical library is pre-owned games I got cheaper than any digital sale(even long after). So many physical sales through retailers, too. And yeah, you can resell. It'll save you money in the long run, and pretty quickly if you're game enough.

1Victor818d ago

To answer the title YES, YES IT IS 🤦🏿 people only see the $100 more and the disk but forget about bigger SSD as well 🤷🏿so YES ITS WORTH IT

TheScotsman818d ago

It's as valuable as you see it, I don't part with games so I went all digital and I don't mind paying the prices, but each to there own right. If discs is your thing then enjoy

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isarai819d ago

If you have a library of physical ps4 discs like me then it's a no brainer. Plus paying the extra $100 up front will pay for itself VERY quickly in what you save from second hand games

Fist4achin819d ago

Disc drive for me please. With it, you could have the best of both worlds...

ClayRules2012819d ago

Right there with you. Best of both worlds indeed. That way I have the option for digital (which is rare) but I do it on occasion with episodic games like Life is Strange season 2.

I personally will not go “Full digital” with gaming.

savedsynner819d ago

Honestly, I fully expect the next generation to be all digital. I could be wrong as I thought this generation(PS5) had a good chance of being all digital. IMO, it's a matter of time before it does, tho it may be a couple more generations until we can truly say the entire world has high speed internet.

ClayRules2012819d ago

And when that happens, I’ll humbly leave gaming. I’m grateful to have had the gaming experiences I’ve had so far already. If PS5’s my last console, I’m okay with that.

Fist4achin819d ago

If it were ever to go fully digital and always online, I'll just continue chewing through my backlog!

ClayRules2012819d ago


There ya go. Do what you wanna do. Sounds like a good plan, I think.

Nacho_Z818d ago

Bit overdramatic. I find it hard to believe that anyone who cares even a little bit about gaming would seriously rule themselves out of ever gaming again for the rest of their life if they couldn't use discs anymore.

Don't see the big deal.

Phoenix76819d ago (Edited 819d ago )

Better to have and not use, than not have and then need.

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The story is too old to be commented.