Ubisoft apologizes for ableist language in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

A description of a character who was badly burned as a child will be changed in an update.

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potatoseal260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

STOP pandering to these people and stick with your original vision. The game is set in Vikings times, I'm sure back then they didn't worry about how they referred to peoples disabilities or facial deformities. Imagine if Medieval fiction writers changed everything in their books to cater to a modern audience and political correctness? It would be trash.

ecchiless260d ago

lmao, ppl is so sensitive... fk this ppl, how much until breathing is offensive?

RgR260d ago

Not far off.
I'm sure breathing is already offensive if you believe things they don't like.

But hey...I'll use the decade old silly argument...they ain't hurting anybody.

abstractel260d ago

Completely don't understand why they have to apologize and patch that description. I can even relate to a very small degree.

frostypants259d ago

You joke but extreme critical theory ideology could indeed be used to argue that breathing is offensive. I can even imagine the argument they'd make. It's a cult of lunatics.

No Way259d ago

What do you mean, ecchiless? It already is. People be like "That bitch doesn't deserve to breathe the same air that I do!" Or, blah blah blah.

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ClayRules2012260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

What’s next, the decapitations are too much for some people, mixed with the blood, so that’ll be completely removed with an update? Although I think you can turn off decapitations in the menu settings, I could be wrong.

As excited as I am for the Next Generation, this is something to consider, those out their crying and hurt over the stories these studios want to make because their feelings were hurt and they’ve been offended now. We must stand up (like so many do nowadays) which I think many do to make themselves look important/purposeful in the public eye.

It really sucks and is disappointing when game developers cater to this nonsense, it just oozes into the one place I don’t want it too, the hobby of gaming we all enjoy so much.


Kranark260d ago

I heard they are planning on replacing the blood with realistic confetti.

MrBlais260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

Yeah, like when everyone on N4G was bitching about The Last of Us Part II and its “SWJ Agenda”?

It’s a great game and story. Get your shit together. 🙄

LucasRuinedChildhood260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

Ubisoft shouldn't have changed the game but excessive political correctness goes both ways though. This was just a single person on Twitter whose profession is "accessibility" in media and Ubisoft should have just ignored it. They may have even worked with this person before.

100,000s of people subscribed to Youtubers like TheQuartering were extremely offended by The Last Of Us Part II (he made at least 60+ videos) and were part of a huge movement to attack the game and its director and staff. TLOU2 is the biggest example of people being irrationally offended by a video-game and may be never be topped, especially since the Game Of The Year awards are just around the corner. They were so offended that they send death threats to the voice actors, used spam bots here on N4G, etc.

annoyedgamer260d ago

And TLOU2 remains as intended by its creators and this game is getting censored. So clearly the PC only goes one way.

LucasRuinedChildhood260d ago (Edited 260d ago )


Ubisoft just changed a text file in the game, dude. It required almost no effort. For Naughty Dog to appease the morons who were complaining about the TLOU2 they'd need to delete the game off the PS Store. haha

cerpintaxt44260d ago

thequartering is a tool, him making 60 videos about it isnt something to praise. its sad

RememberThe357260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

The problem I always see in these arguments is there's never any room for nuance. Everyone is just trying to prove how right they are and how wrong the other people are.

Far be it for you to see why burn victims would take issue and at the same time realize it's not actually be a big deal. Resentment of empathy seem more a symptom of a stunted social development than a true morality. While the opposite, over empathizing, seems to be a symptom of the same thing. How hard is it really to realize that something morally wrong could be functionally positive. A husband leaving the wife who hates him works for all parties, but the moralist would scream of sin. In the same way, the use of this word to demean and minimize an actual burn victims is morally and functionally wrong - a healthy society has health people physically, mentally, and emotionally so anything that diminishes any of those is suboptimal. But how can something with no real impact (the insult is in a game - apart of a narrative) be morally wrong? Are they araid of popularizing insulting burn victims? If that's the standard, why can I still murder and steal? Is Ubisofts moral position that you can murder and steal from people as long as you don't insult their social identity?

If Ubisoft has a real morality they need to stand on it. This reeks of appeasement and a lack of any real moral compass.

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ScootaKuH260d ago

It's political correctness gone mad. They actually want to rewrite history to make out as though certain things never occurred or people never behaved in a certain way.

This pandering needs to stop

ClayRules2012260d ago


That actually sounds hilarious. I wouldn’t mind that as a glitch!😂🤪that was a good one, bud.

camel_toad260d ago

Ubisoft is just nailing the Viking nature. Well known fact that it was SO Viking to be apologetic after every slaughter.

TheLigX260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

This is NOT ok. When will Ubisoft realize that the majority of people absolutely hate this? Wrong pronoun, fuck you, Mean to fat people, fuck you, Insensitive to peoples faces, fuuuuuckkkk youuuu!

himdeel260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

LMAO, no apology for mass murdering! But what is said, that they wrote, gives them pause. This shit doesn't belong in my games UNLESS they want to add some additional content like a dev diary, separate from the game, to give some context.

savedsynner260d ago

Reminds me of the people who complained that Sekiro didn't have an easy mode. Did these players ever play a game made before 2012? They wouldn't survive the NES and Genesis generation of games that were REALLY hard.

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KingofBandits260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

Well Ubi did join that beta ass gaming consortium for all manners of social justice crap. So I'm not sure why this would shock anyone. People you need to grow up pull up your big boy pants and stop letting cancel culture rule everything. Life does not function with trigger warnings. get over it and move on, because all this is doing is leading to censorship

East76lands260d ago

Thank you Ubisoft, when I woke up this morning I wasn't sure what to be offended by but you've given my day purpose again. #DownWithThisSortOfThing #CarefulNow

staticall260d ago

Good. Viking are known to be well mannered and politically correct. They never used ableist language when they were pillaging, murdering, raping and kidnapping people. Right?

259d ago
Bathyj260d ago

Ableist? Wtf is that?
Someone explain it to me so I can be offended.

LucasRuinedChildhood260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

This is obviously an example of someone getting irrationally offended at a plot point which isn't itself ableist at all, (it's just a story) but ableism can be a problem in real life.

"Ableism is discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities or who are perceived to have disabilities"

So, let's say you have a physical disability (mobility issue - can't walk properly so you use a wheelchair) - it would be discriminatory to not hire you as an accountant based on that since you can still do the job. New buildings should also be designed with wheelchair access (it's the just the decent thing to do).

Don't let someone overreacting on Twitter make you think ableism in real life is acceptable. Ableism was a big part of Nazism - eugenics is an example of ableism.

I_am_Batman260d ago

There is reasonable and unreasonable discrimitation. Building wheelchair access is a reasonable form of discrimination. Having separate restrooms for men and women is another example of reasonable discrimination.

Changing a line of text in a video game, because you want to minimize offense is an unreasonable form of discrimination, because it assumes that the concerning category of people is unable to deal with a line of text and needs to be protected.

Another example is the topic of difficulty modes that's often presented as an accessibility discussion. Offering different controllers/input devices and giving people the option to customize button mappings and HUD options is reasonable discrimination. Demanding an easy mode based on the assumption that disabled people can't deal with the challenge is unreasonable discrimination.

LucasRuinedChildhood260d ago (Edited 260d ago )


You're using the word "discrimination" in a very peculiar way but I get what you're trying to say. It doesn't seem like we're actually disagreeing with each other.

As I said, this was an example of someone overreacting and I completely disagree with it. Ubisoft should have just ignored it. I don't agree with this line being changed or games that are designed around difficulty like Dark Souls, Hotline Miami, etc needing an easy difficulty. That doesn't change the fact that actual ableism, like in the example I gave above, does exist.

Thinking that it's not acceptable for someone to not give another person a job based on a physical disability (e.g. wheelchair) when the job isn't a labor job is just common sense.

I_am_Batman260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

I prefer the neutral definition of the word, because I think it makes it easier to separate an objective statement from my subjective opinion and have a productive discussion this way. But yeah, I didn't necessarily disagree with your first comment either. Just wanted to give my two cents on the topic. Seems like we're mostly on the same page.