Halo Wars Motion Capture Images

Video games use motion capture for football, baseball and basketball players or the combat moves of a martial artist as well as in action games. Halo Wars is the latest game to use motion capture to create a more realistic looking game, and the guys over at Ensemble Studios have released a number of motion capture images from the Halo Wars development phase.

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FordGTGuy4909d ago

Can't wait to check this game out!

power of Green 4908d ago

That sounds great! i'm glad we're seeing so many quality games being made for the 360. Man i just played that new NBA Street Home Court?(i think that's the name)and the motion capture and physics are like nothing i'v seen in a BasketBall game, EVER!, EA on a come back?.

LK4902d ago

when is this game coming out

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4902d ago

can't wait for this one.

I wonder what Peter Jackson has instore for the Halo franchise?