Predicting How Next-Gen Will Go For Sony

Jacob S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "In just a few days, most of us will be enjoying gaming on our newly acquired Sony’s ninth-generation console with the PS5. There is quite a lot of excitement building up to the release of this new device, especially when it comes to its introductory titles, but today, we want to take a moment and look a bit further and see how well the PS5 will fair during its time on the market and see what successes and potential drawbacks that Sony will be facing during this time. Here are five predictions on how the next-generation of gaming will play out for Sony and the PlayStation 5."

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AngelicIceDiamond70d ago

I expect nothing but more greatness. More from their first party that will push the bar in quality and especially story telling as well as game play. Brand new ip's and characters that only Sony Studios know how to create so we can falling live with or hate. Either way they'll get an emotional response with polarizing (albeit controversial ) story telling. But that's part of the experience that only so few AAA are willing to risk (let alone craft stories that are that engaging) That 70$ will EASILY be justified by Sony. While the rest of the AAA industry will fail at justifying it. It's just natural for Sony.

LordoftheCritics70d ago

I smell some mega blockbuster exclusives.

AngelicIceDiamond70d ago

Trust me, I do do to. Everyone keeps saying Sony needs to buy more studios when in reality they're competent at releasing AAA's and nothing's changing that. Typing from my phone I meant to say "falling in love with"

RaidenBlack69d ago

I doubt the "A More Powerful Version of the PS5 Will Be Introduced in 2021" part.
Won't 2021 be a little bit too soon for a Pro one?
'This announcement will offer a constant 4K gaming with the promise of a steady 60FPS as a benchmark and will be the PS4 Pro of next-generation and will come with a hefty price tag to accompany it as well.'

69d ago
UltimateRacer69d ago

What to expect from Sony this gen, More domination, More kick ass must have exclusives, everything else is a bonus.