A full Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War install requires 190 GB on Xbox Series X/S

Installing all of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s components on Xbox Series X/S requires almost 190 GB of storage space.

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UnSelf154d ago


will absolutely not touch this game. This is coming from someone who put over 16 days (according to my MP record) of game time in Modern Warfare

RickRoland154d ago

Call of duty has become so bloated. I’m staying away from this too

dcbronco154d ago

Sounds like someone with a PS5 and a data cap.

MagUk154d ago

You do know this game will have smart delivery. Clock the campaign - delete.

Rich1631154d ago

Apparently Treyarch and Sledgehammer never heard of optimizations...

Deathdeliverer154d ago

Wont be buying that shit on any system. I loved modern warfare and I deleted that shit. It’s just too damn big. That shit is for dedicated for fans only at that size and I’m guess I’m not that big of a fan.

Hawk198666154d ago

We can uninstall parts so it's fine, play and finish the campaign... delete. Won't be downloading MP or Dead ops as no interest in them. Then just play Zombies, size will probably be less than half the size.

Pughski154d ago

Activision really don't know how to compress files or optimize shit. CW is the next Ghosts, it's going to be so bad.