Japanese Stores are Ready for the PS5 Launch

Although many retailers in the West have chosen to cancel all in store sales and opening days due to Covid-19, it seems Japan is still going to allow customers to pick theirs up in store.

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whitbyfox224d ago

Even during current nationwide lockdown 2 in the UK the physical stores (Game, Smyths, Argos etc) are opening as a click and collect service to honour the pre-orders.

Japan has done very well with the virus, mask culture has helped a lot.

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ziggurcat224d ago

Amazon Canada certainly isn't.

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stonecold3224d ago

Got my ps5 will hook it up later

Aussieguy224d ago

Same here in Australia. There are still a few shops where you can pick one up from the store and i was lucky enough to secure one. I know online is the future, but for electronics and things that are breakable, i would much rather pick it up in person with the delivery guys these days that throw parcels around without a care, Ive had way too many damaged items.

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