XIII 2020 PC Gameplay Shows Lots Of Bugs To Iron Out

It chugged like crazy with Shadowplay so Skewed and Reviewed tried Gamecaster this time out. Still so many issues especially with the mouse being overtuned. but playing on an I7 CPU with an 2700 GTX the game shows so fine tuning is needed still.

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SegaGamer68d ago

The negative reaction is disappointing. XIII is still my favourite FPS today, I was hoping the remake would at least match it. I was put off buying it on day 1 because of the slow updates and lack of any news.........maybe the bugs are the reason why they were so quiet.

Maybe it would have been better to get a remaster of the original and then release a sequel later.

Garethvk68d ago

The company said they never heard of the issues and I suggested perhaps it was Shadowplay. I sent DXDIAG to show it qas not the PC and then I tried with Gamecaster and without a d same issues. I may be able to throttle back the mouse to improve it but I should not have to jump through so many hoops.

XxINFERNUSxX68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Going by Steam reviews 3/10 it's a buggy mess. I have the original game on disc, the original devs should have made it (Ubisoft) don't know why they changed, now this is what we have because of that.

Garethvk68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I found it amusing when they said they had never heard of the issues I mentioned. I worked for two game companies and have covered games for decades so I know when it is a hardware, driver, or settings issue. I was actually telling them cause and effects as well as workarounds. It reminded me of playing 386 CPU games on a Pentium 3. They might play but they moved so fast it was in many cases unplayable.

SegaGamer68d ago

From what I have seen from people that have gotten it to work properly, the game looks fine until the combat starts. It's janky with weird looking combat, character models and horrible animations. It just seems like a game that isn't good to look at and play when things get going, unlike the original which is still really nice to look at and play today.

Garethvk67d ago

Exactly, combat is the big issue.

Garethvk65d ago

The publisher finally admitted they rushed the game and are aware of the bugs and will fix them. This after telling me they had never heard of any issues after I reported them after just minutes of gameplay. It was blatantly obvious on PC it was unplayable.

CrimsonWing6968d ago

I have no idea why people made such a big deal about this game.

Garethvk67d ago

They had fond memories of the original.