Predicting How Next-Gen Will Go For Microsoft

Jacob S. from Link Cable Gaming Writes: "This week, many of us will be jumping into the ninth-generation of gaming with the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. There is quite a lot of excitement building up to the release of these new devices, especially when it comes to its introductory titles, but today, we want to take a moment and look a bit further and see how well the Xbox Series consoles will fair during its time on the market and see what successes and potential drawbacks that Microsoft will be facing during this time. Here are five predictions on how the next-generation of gaming will play out for Microsoft and the Xbox Series of devices."

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darthv7275d ago

I'd say this 9th gen should bode much better for team XBox than the 8th. I don't know if it will be as successful as the 7th but it certainly has all the right ingredients for a very lucrative 9th. The biggest ingredient missing from the 8th is already being rectified as we speak. Rolling out some quality titles over the course of this gen is going to be entertaining to watch.

AngelicIceDiamond74d ago

If everything works out well for MS then Gamepass should be a juggernaut once their first party gets rolling that's if their AAA games knock it out of the park. If that was the case then there would be no denying Xbox, Xbox game studios and game pass. MS would command your attention.

It's clear I'm painting the best case scenario here for MS. It's a clear gamble for the company it could go great or it could all fall apart its a coin toss. But I highly doubt MS would want to drop the ball on this one.

LordoftheCritics74d ago

This gen will be on fire for both Xsquad and Sony.

TheTony31674d ago

Better than Xbone but nowhere near to PS5

dcbronco74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Then you clearly don't understand the tech in the Series consoles. Things like machine learning, variable rate shading and sampler feedback are game changing features that most people don't get yet. If PS5 doesn't have these features it's going to be so far behind in visuals, physics and AI. Sony's idea of speed solving all problems is a mistake. Flexibility is also better. As Bruce Lee said. Be water. Those three features are a force multiplier Sony won't be able to overcome. Plus going forward, I'm sure the xbox is modular.

TheTony31674d ago

The article isn't about specs, it's about sales and overall success. Xbox doesn't stand a chance against PS5. And specs don't really mean much anyways. Just look at the Switch. Came out in 2017 and already sold more than Xbox One. The One X didn't really move the needle either.

dcbronco73d ago

But better games matter. The flexibility in the Series consoles will show over the generation and sales will follow. Plus Sony fanboys and people who simply look at past trends (the same people that lose their shirts in the stock market) think because Sony outsold the xbox last generation it automatically wins this one. It doesn't mean anything. Casual gamers will look at Game Pass and the price of the Series S with it's more than good enough ability and choose the cheaper console. They play the big titles and outnumber hardcore gamers. They will choose 1440p/120 at below $300 most times over a $400 console and 3 exclusives over 7 years. They'll want two or three Sony exclusives but won't be swayed by the 2 or 3 year gap between the desirable ones. Plus xbox will bring big exclusives like Elder Scrolls and Fallout they do want. Pony Hope's that they won't be good is just hope. Doesn't make it true.

TheTony31673d ago

Yes, better games matter but guess what? MS doesn't have that either. Some of the best games of this generation are from Sony and Nintendo, not MS. Sales won't really change much worldwide. Xbox doesn't do well outside of the US. Europe is mostly Playstation and we all know how Xbox does in the asian markets.
"Plus xbox will bring big exclusives like Elder Scrolls and Fallout they do want. Pony Hope's that they won't be good is just hope"

Well i've been hearing this for years and nothing happened. Your comment is just wishfull thinking at this point. Sony and Nintendo have a proven track record of releasing good games. Microsoft on the other hand...

dcbronco72d ago

Tony, your response is why people lose money in the stock market. Or get a useless degree. They look at the past instead of what is developing. It's why so many companies are going out of business now. Why Sears went from a world leader to bankruptcy. Living in the past. The inability to recognize the way things are falling. It's why Intel is struggling now. Or Ford and Chrysler and GM. That inability to see the way things are going to be instead of the way they have been. Life doesn't occur in a vacuum.

What made things work for Sony all these years was their patience with developers. And Microsoft's lack of it. But that changed with Phil Spencer and Satya Nadella. What has Phil said in interviews? When he talks to developers it's strictly what do you need? Resources? Money? People? Time? It's not get it done anymore. Game Pass allows them to take their time. With over 20 developers and only 12 months a year it fill it gives developers time get things in order. The business model for GO allows them to cover the expenses of developing content so they don't have to worry about losing money. People don't understand this simple concept. When people pay monthly subscriptions they are paying a little to subsidize new content. As long as you have subscribers you're covering your cost for new content. And they have 15 million subscribers. And that will grow. So future content is paid for. No 7 out of ten losing money like Sony. Everything covered before it gets made. So that gives them time and resources. And they have hired talent and have plenty of money to hire more. They have everything they need to create great games. And they will.

Those things and the hardware are why things will be different moving forward. Microsoft has learned.

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rockwhynot74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Azure will get better n better.

FreeFallFrenzy73d ago

Microsoft doesn't understand the power of momentum anymore. They understood it for the 360 launch, but have failed these past two launches. You have to start strong and they start this gen with zero games to be excited about.