Rumor: New maps headed for R6: Vegas

The latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine apparently spills the beans on new Rainbow Six: Vegas content. The content supposedly contains ten new maps and two new multiplayer modes for 800 MS points. One of the new game types, Assassination, requires players to protect their player controlled VIP and attempt to assassinate the opposing team's VIP. Conquest asks players to maintain control over certain sections of the map, similar to King of the Hill and Territories game types in other games. The content is scheduled to arrive in March.

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Mikey_Gee4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

I will have them for sure !!

This game to me is what CounterStrike use to be especially with the new Assasination multiplayer stuff on the way.

RB6 Vegas > ALL

gogators4912d ago

then I certainly ante up. Toss in two new game modes and that's just more cake. I think that more than 16 players would be need for a game mode like conquest.

Zaskark24912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

this should have already came with the game when it first came out.

pixel_sword4911d ago

That's why the xbox zephyr is in the mix. Unfortuately, this will screw anyone who bought a 360

TheMART4911d ago

STOP crying Sony fanboys

The game on its own has much content. This just adds on the game.

You're just jalouse because the 360 gets all the downloadable extra's on multiple games which the PS3 hasn't got.

I've been just playing the GRAW 2 demo on my 360, did you also enjoy that one on the PS3???

DC RID3R4911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

"It is disapointing, but it is to be expected because the DVD can't hold as much as an next gen disc
That's why the xbox zephyr is in the mix. Unfortuately, this will screw anyone who bought a 360."

no it wont. thats what teh xbox live is for.

pc's STILL use dvd's bro, so until the market leader jumps ship, i wouldn't worry about it too much.

good additions for rb6 btw

gogators4911d ago (Edited 4911d ago )

getting more content for Rainbow Six Vegas. The game came with some very good multiplayer maps and online gameplay modes. A larger disc space medium doesn't mean developers won't later come out with downloadable content. Particularly if they can make additional money off it and if it's good content, then I will be happy to pay them.

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The story is too old to be commented.