I’m Calling It - PS5 Has The Best Video Game Launch Lineup Of Any Console Generation

Kirk Mckeand "PS5 has the best launch games of any generation. Yes, there might not be that many new games, but most of the ones that are releasing on launch day are certified bangers. You don’t usually get that.

Console launch games are generally a bit poor. Developers haven’t quite grasped how to take advantage of the power of new hardware, and a lot of games launch hoping that they can blind you to their averageness with fancy graphics. They might be shiny, but they’re usually pretty shite. Not so with PS5."

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potatoseal256d ago

I don't care what anyone says, I fully agree. Especially launch window. Unmatched.

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miloman256d ago

Im sorry, but that honour goes to the Nintendo 64, Super Mario 64 changed the industry, even as a Sega Fan boy, i saw that.

oof46256d ago

Especially for those in Europe. N64 launched with Super Mario 64, Pilotwings 64, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire and Turok. One killer game and 3 solid ones.

potatoseal256d ago

The article is talking about PS Launches

darthv72256d ago

If GoW and GT7 and R&C make it in the first year (most likely) then sure it will be a great launch window. But I am reminded of other great launch window titles including Soul Calibur, Power Stone and Sonic Adventure. Those were awesome and new.

zacfoldor256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Look at how they can't even say Demon's Souls name, they just call it "remake." That marginalization is how you know that is they game they are really worried about. Reviews soon. I can't wait. Soon.

Also, question some of these folks that are marginalizing Demon's Souls and you will see some of them don't like Bloodborne either(the best game on PS4 imho, by faaaar, by so so far), or even From Software. When they are complaining and marginalizing this game, just keep in that in mind. Many of them don't even like Bloodborne, lol. No wonder they don't get why Demon's Souls is a big deal.

Edgelordsupreme256d ago

Man, imagine being this invested in your plastic boxes. What a life.

zacfoldor256d ago

I just love Souls games. I don't like to see them getting called irrelevant because one of their games happens to be a launch title in the "console war."

If there were no consoles, Demon's Souls would still be a huge deal, imho. That's my only point.

Shane Kim256d ago

Midnight Club and Tekken were the only ones imo.

DerfDerf256d ago

You're out of your damn mind. The Dreamcast launch window destroyed all console launches ever. Not even close.

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BigBosss256d ago

I've already pre ordered and paid off the following games;

Demon's Souls
COD Cold War

abstractel256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

I guess I'm a "Sony" fan (just because I love their studios' titles) and I don't feel that way. I'm not into soulslike games, and Morales is an expensive half of a game for those of us who have already enjoyed and finished Spider-man. I love seeing raytracing in a cross-gen launch title, bodes well for the future.

Godfall? It could turn out to be great but at this point I don't feel we have any idea.

COD single player looks good, but again not enough to label it a killer lineup title since cross-gen multiplatform (like every other game except Demon Souls).

Killzone Shadowfall wasn't amazing, but it definitely gave me a next-gen experience at PS4 launch and Xbox One Ryse looked good even though it didn't play that good. They properly showed us next-gen, and I don't think current launch titles do, including Demon's Souls even though I'd still say it's beautiful.

For me a next-gen title will be the first that demonstrates these things:

- Properly rendered hair (that we get an early glimpse of in Spider-man, it's going to get better)
- Better FX, they are the worst aspect of games as they are right now.
- Sub-note of the ones above, more advanced physics in general.
- Real-time GI. UE5 Lumen showed us we can expect it.
- Insane poly counts. (Again, UE5 demo which in many aspects showed us a real-case scenario of a game running).
- SSDs being used for more than just loading times.

Ratchet and Clank is the one game I've seen so far demonstrating how the SSD in PS5 can impact gameplay. Imagine in a future title giving the player the option to choose which level to fall into in real-time as you're "falling" through portals. That's game changing :) ).

4Sh0w256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

^^^This exactly launch games dont have to be perfect but they wow you with gameplay, effects, graphics, performance benchmarks that together just felt more immersive than before, I mean they werent better games than say Super Mario Brothers & so many classics that Ive enjoyed on all the platforms since then....
No, its hard to explain but they did signal ok you see that, thats new. Not bashing this gen both are already doing some excellent stuff, microsoft bc & gamepass is a huge value, ps5 controller seems to offer more than the status qou BUT particularly the 1st party offerings are a bit dull for a new gen, Xbox especially.

NEXUS-6256d ago

R&C is launch window - at least bloody close to it.

But this is not 'the greatest launch in history'.

rlow1256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

True, what impressed the hell out of me was the Unreal demo on the PS5. Now that smacked of next gen. These titles are nice and a step above, but no where near what we saw. They'll get there but not at launch.

solideagle256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

launch games never show power or anything because their development time is limited. hence big guns are for later years. There will be plenty games which will show what is next-gen, if this gen start is spidy and demon souls then rest of the gen will be awesome. I personally have never seen such quality launch titles at least on Playstation history (no fanboy here only Playstation user because of wallet) as launch titles

I loved Halo when I played it on my friend's xbox.
I loved wii sport when I played it in my friend's wii

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Viking_mo256d ago

Nicee. I just paid off godfall, Demon souls, spiderman and Assassin's creed valhalla. Ive always been interested in viking lores before anyone judges me lol

Also the camera, controller and headset. Im good to go for nextweek when it releases here in the UK

kaylee8956255d ago

I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I've been doing,


Ninver256d ago

I agree. There's plenty for everyone. The first few months will be interesting indeed.

solideagle256d ago

I also agree if you compare it with at least playstation launch game then you will realise it's awesome. Not sure about other consoles, I think Halo was launch title isn't it?

sushimama256d ago

Let's be honest, it beats the other consoles launches as well.

TheProfessional256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Haha okay guys, two exclusives, one of which is a remaster of a game that's already been released and the other an expansion pack style short 8 hour campaign that's also on PS4. Oh and bugsnax. Please tell me how that's better than what PS2 or PS3 offered?

The favoritism for Sony on this site is ridiculous. It's a medicore launch lineup. No comparison to xbox, strictly on it's own its a mediocre lineup.

maybelovehate256d ago

Yeah, this is the first time I have not preordered a PS in a long time. I just don't see a reason. Neither console has much pull at launch in my opinion. But if someone has a lot of money sitting around I suppose why not too haha

NeoGamer232256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

Ya I am not sure how Destruction All-Stars, Demon's Souls remake, Spider-man MM, and Sackboy's Adventure is better then Killzone Shadowfall, Resogun, and Knack for PS4 launch.

maybelovehate256d ago

@NeoGamer232: And Spiderman MM is on PS4. And only 8 hours long. If you already have a PS4, hard to see that game justifying a purchase if you already have a PS4.

Neonridr256d ago

I've got Spiderman on order and I will download Bugsnax for my kid to play. But nothing else particularly screams at me. That being said I have some big profile PS4 games to finish. Horizon still needs to be finished along with God of War. So I have some other stuff to keep me busy.

-T9X-69-256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

While I agree this site favorites Sony a little too hard. It really depends on the factors of the comparison.

Your mentioning remaster and exclusives. These terms don't really apply to 2000 or prior. A lot of launch titles weren't even from Sony themselves. The PS3 launch lineup was also a disaster.

More games that looked amazing but ended up being mediocre or worst. That and it came out nearly a year after Xbox so not really a fair comparison as some of those "launch titles" came out prior or at the same time for the millions of 360 users at the time.

Personally I would say the PS5 has the best launch lineup out of Playstation. But overall? I'd say SNES or OG Xbox. Halo made Xbox and still is the face of it to this day and the main reason FPS on consoles are a thing. Super Mario World is just an iconic game which happened to be a launch title.

Neither of those 2 things apply to any Playstation console. Killzone and Resistance are no longer really a thing and prior to that was mostly all 3rd party games.

UnSelf256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

All bias aside, the professional is completely right.

The value in this launch console for me, comes in MM, DS and all the upgrades coming to my old titles.

I’m just as anxious for GOT NG+ as I am for MM

Edit: forgot about godfall. Waiting patiently on reviews for this one. If good, that would make ps5 one of the best console launches of all time

TheTony316256d ago

And yet again, Demon Souls is not a remaster, it's a remake. And no, it's not the same thing.

Remaster = The original game with just a few graphical and performance improvements.
Remake = Built from the ground up with a completely different engine etc.

Everything else is just your opinion.

throne256d ago

Dark souls(remake), MM definitely not an expansion,even though it's short than the first,Goodall, assassins creed etc....theres something for everyone. not to mention a killer launch window which no one can rival....may not be to your liking but its definitely the best launch lineup.

Baza256d ago

Well didn’t you make a good case.. That said, can you remind me the launch exclusives of Series X? Thanks.

lifeisgamesok256d ago

Mediocre compared to what launch lineup??

Teflon02256d ago

While I don't think it's the best line up, I'm more inclined to say it is after your comment.
What do you mean by no comparison to Xbox firstly? Lol. Because that launch line up consists of almost all old exclusives with updates similar to a remaster. Not even a remake lol. I'm not even saying that's a bad thing. It's just going off what you're saying.
Sony is still publishing Miles Morales which isn't a dlc, it's a whole game. It just isn't the same budget as the first game. Also I'm pretty sure majority of ppl said it's around 12 hours. 8 is likely if you're rushing.
Anyways, if Nintendo dropped a Sackboy type game at release people would go crazy. Give it the respect it deserves. Demon's Souls is a remake. Nothing wrong with a remake. Pretty sure ppl praised Master Chief collection. The third party selection is great, 3rd party launch exclusives consist of better and not Yakuza that's seen as a PlayStation game and where you can just buy the ps4 game and have it upgrade after the fact.

Anyways, I would say Sega Dreamcast and Vita imo had the best lineups. But if we're talking self published lineup PS5 probably gets it for me

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Duke19256d ago

I remember the N64 launch being fantastic, same with PS2.

PS5 launch titles are solid, but "best of Any Generation" is more Pro-sony clickbait

Neonridr256d ago

I mean the N64 had like 3 games at launch. Sure one of them was Super Mario 64, but still.

rlow1256d ago

I agree with you, but Mario 64 was revolution at the time. First game to really show how good 3d could be.

oof46256d ago

Hey, Pilotwings 64 was no slouch.

jznrpg255d ago

I didn’t care for Mario 64 , it was good but I played Mario since original Mario Bros in arcade and was tired of them after 3 .

Lilrizky255d ago

Yeh i was 7 when it first launched and i feel like I played mario 64 for years hahah still great memories

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Mr_Luke256d ago

The PS2? I bought the PS2 the day it came out and it has about 5-6 games and the only good one was Tekken Tag Tournament :O
At least here in Italy you hadn't a big choice, it wasn't so good... Japan and North America were more lucky, more choice :P

And the N64 had a lot less than that.

Shane Kim256d ago

I agree, even the cd wich included a demo version of klenoa and wrc were better than the launch games.

Silly gameAr256d ago

Anything that's not sucking up to Mircosoft or nintendo is "Pro-sony clickbait" I guess.

Duke19256d ago

The highest rated articles on this site are not "PS5 has a strong launch lineup", they are "PS5 has the greatest Launch lineup of any console ever".

Im only buying a PS5, but even I can see through the hillarious pro-sony bias on this site.

KeenBean345256d ago

Dreamcast, wii, psvita, ps2 all had better launches than this gen. Comparative to previous gens they just keep getting smaller and worse. Last generations were much better too

GameZenith256d ago

Dreamcast had a solid launch lineup as well

Sonic Adventure
Ready 2 Rumble
Soul Calibur 2

And then NBA2K and Crazy Taxi a month later

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