Amazon UK now delaying confirmed launch day Xbox Series X deliveries writes: "Amazon is delaying some Xbox Series X shipments on launch day. While some people are getting their new console today, others have been informed that theirs might not show up until the end of the year."

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IRetrouk386d ago

Dirty move amazon, only letting gamers know days before the launch? Why can't these retailers be honest with their numbers, shit like this stops people from getting day 1 because by the time they have been informed they are too late to secure from anywhere else, I honestly feel for any gamer affected by this.

East76lands385d ago

Indeed, I've got a PS5 on pre order but I'm not overly confident that I'll actually get now.

IRetrouk385d ago

I managed to get mine from (uk) they sent an email this morning saying the warehouse has recieved the stock and I should have it at launch, fingers crossed lol.

purple101385d ago

Probably for the best.. there all blowing up. And I don't mean on social media.. well actually they are on social...but there also on fire!

IRetrouk385d ago

I've seen the defence already, same thing happened with rrod......

SegaGamer385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

If anybody actually believes that video, then they are an idiot. You fanboys are getting worse by the day.

Ausbo385d ago

This happened to me. If they couldn’t satisfy my order, why didn’t they tell me until the night before. Now I’m stuck trying to get a last minute console and it ain’t easy

Relientk77385d ago

This is really lame. If you know your customer isn't going to receive the console the day it launches, then tell them ahead of time, so they are at least aware. Waiting to the last minute to do this is really crappy.

ScootaKuH385d ago

Interesting. Wonder if the same will happen with PS5? My pre order still says arriving 19th but with a week to go I guess anything could happen.

My media remote dispatched today. Wonder how long until I'm actually able to use it? 🤣

Poor show from amazon tbh. Must be frustrating for anyone who was expecting their SX/S consoles today. You'd think they'd have been able to give more notice of any delays.

mkis007385d ago

Mine was supposed to come yesterday, but they didnt ship it until 6 am so now its coming today.