Gamertag Radio: Peter Moore Q&A

What Peter had to say about the mystery of J Allard out from the spotlight? When Street Fighter 2 will finally come out for the Xbox Live Arcade? Xbox 360 in Japan and much more. Enjoy this 30 min audio.

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Lucidmantra6189d ago

I wondered why J Allard was out of the spotlight. I have to wait till I get home to find out though. I don't have 30 mins to watch this at work. J Allard really wasn't as involed as people think in the planning of the 360. He was a major player but if you read xbox360 uncloaked he doesn't play a big part in the planning and was actually on sabbatical for alot of the real planning and came in towards the unveiling and said alot, garnered alot of press and presence. Not that I don't like him J Allard seems like a cool guy from what i have read, and smart as hell. Can alone tell me what is said in the video?

Nokkturnal6189d ago

basicly Peter Moore just says J Allard is around he is just very busy, his team is the one working on xbox live, live updates like our last dashboard update. all platform development pretty much gets handled by him

Lucidmantra6189d ago

thanks.. Appreciate the info.

USMChardcharger6189d ago

i could not get the dang thing to play...o well.

PS360PCROCKS6189d ago

I never even noticed he was not talked about lol