Next-Gen Decision: Sony Vs. Microsoft

Duelscreens: Now that both consoles are out in the wild with various outlets having posted their reviews of the machines, we can finally peer through the bravado of these two titans and take a critical look at what the best choice is for the gamer looking for the best way to experience the new generation. The results of our investigation may interest you.

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LordoftheCritics164d ago

My understanding of the offerings.

Sony: New launch exclusives, New user experiences such as Dualsense and Tempest, PS Plus collection at launch and Sony's well earned 4 generations of goodwill for the announced and unannounced games.

Xbox: Game Pass, Backwards Compatibility

bouzebbal164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

This is the easiest choice I had to take.. There is zero competition..
X1 had disastrous launch but decent software PS4 owners actually envied them for. Titania, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Killer Instinct...
I can't name a single one right now on XS, even future releases.

darthv72164d ago

If the xbo was like the wiiu (shunned and not a big seller) then the series X is like the switch (and series S is the lite). New machine that improves on the previous and reinvents the games with better features that many never played before (due to ignoring the previous system). So I can see the series s/x doing better than the xbo did and millions who never played those games (like titanfall and sunset overdrive) giving them the proper respect they deserve on an even better performing system. And while all these new players experience these games for the first time... MS will just keep working on even newer releases coming next year.

164d ago
GamerRN163d ago

What are the launch exclusives?

SullysCigar163d ago

^ @GamerRN, do you mean for Xbox? There aren't any.

Nitrox163d ago

@BillyBrain - I think he’s saying that they should rerelease all the games from xbo on sx so that all the people who weren’t Interested enough in xbox last gen (but for some reason will be jumping in this gen?) can play all the old games while they wait for an actual new hit to be released.

gamer9163d ago


I won’t be buying at launch for that reason. I’ll get the SX next year to power Halo, Starfield, and Battlefield, all due out in 2021

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Obscure_Observer164d ago

Xbox Seres X is my first console: Most powerful console, best choice for multi platform games, Day One first party exclusives from 23 studios like ES6 and Starfield via gamepass, best controller (Elite 2).

PS5 will be my second console: Playstation exclusives.

Ron_Danger164d ago

There is so much hope in your comment vs. facts. I know everyone has their own preferences, it’s just so cringy to see the “fingers in the ears” type comments like this.

Atticus_finch164d ago

I think most multiplat games will be better on Ps5 but we shall see.
Most powerful matters much less when you're slower.
Can't wait to see what cash grabs Bethesda and team Xbox will cook up this gen. Get ready for more unfinished, buggy games. Hopefully we can buy some Horse armor for master chief.
Best controller elite 2?
It isn't and It's only $170 lol.

Ps5 is an easy choice.

Nyxus164d ago

Best controller? Have you read what reviewers have said about the Dualsense?

anast164d ago

By the time ES6 comes out, the SX will be cheaper. No reason to get an SX at launch for ES6.

bouzebbal164d ago

Your post doesn't even feel honest..

AmazingVector164d ago

As long as you're only looking for the Xbox experience, the new Xbox consoles are the best choice. If you're looking to feel next Gen on day 1, the choice is PS5.

Binarycode164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

It isn't the most powerful console. lol.

PS5 has faster ssd, faster raw speed, faster cache, faster in everything.

If you look at the pixel count.

142.9 GPixel/s PS5

116 Gpixels XboxSeriesx

For reference the 2080ti is 135Gipxiels.

PS5 Can Produce more on screen at any given time.

Both machines will be 4k 30. and 4k 60 Dynamic.

potatoseal164d ago

“While critics were certainly pleased with the Xbox Series X|S, the praise was carefully measured and weighted with a handful of caveats. With PlayStation 5, it’s unequivocal — if you’re looking for a taste of what the next generation of gaming will be like at this point in time, Sony is really the only choice.”

Gunstar75164d ago

Ron... really... you think MS just bought that many studios to sit back and make nothing?? And you're cringing???

Atticus.. the series x is faster everywhere other than an SSD. You really think that is going to make the difference?

This website is full of people in some sort of denial.

Mr_Luke164d ago

You've been one of the biggest MS fanboys here, i can find your comments literally everywhere when there's a chance to downplay everything about PS, i don't know if i can believe you when you say the PS5 will be your second console. To me it just seems you made the usual list to underline how much you love the other console and you could care less than zero about the PS5.
I can feel the hatred even in this comment you made, even.
Sometimes you scare me :/

execution17164d ago

Wasn't that controller broken for a majority of people right out of the box hence that lawsuit

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leejohnson222164d ago

All the tests ive seen the xb seems a bit lacking and more spec talk that doesnt translate to performance. Watch dogs especially and the lack of new experiences gives no reason to invest at launch if at all

Ron_Danger164d ago (Edited 164d ago )


It’s really cute that you’re an adult and think internet speak is literal.

It’s great that MS acquired all those studios, however don’t forget the track record of any publisher buying up studios. The pressure is really on these studios to deliver because as of the past several years, all you’ve heard across the internet is “Xbox for multiplats” when people talk about why they buy a console. These devs are on the chopping block the day after a game launches if it fails. The mindset of some of you fanboys and the hope you have of MS going back to the way things were in the late OG Xbox years and early 360 years is just that, hope. You guys seem to completely ignore what happened the late years of 360 and the entire Xbox 1 gen.

Enjoy all the hope. Everyone else will be enjoying the now.

Aussieguy164d ago

Seems like your by yourself there mate 😉

dcbronco164d ago (Edited 164d ago )


It's cringeworthy seeing so many sheep. The technology in the Series X that the PS5 doesn't have will prove to be a huge advantage. And the studios Microsoft has as well as the ones still coming will give xbox a huge software advantage. All of the fanboy bias of ponies is going to hurt Sony in the end.


Slower? So far all evidence to the contrary. Games are loading faster on Series X. Seems like the velocity engine actually does something. I thought six axis was the best gimmick. I mean controller.

Rhythmattic164d ago

"The technology in the Series X that the PS5 doesn't have will prove to be a huge advantage. "

lol.... The MS approach is just an extension of everything before it..

Seriously , Watch the road map to PS5 by Cerny, and is you have any technical aptitude, you'll realise how wrong you are..
Heres one thing that you've all got wrong.. And Ill make it as simple as I can for you from a perspective of why its exciting...
Sony, once again, have flipped Console design on its head.. Besides the simple stuff you may only understand... This is the One that is as big a marketing ploy as MS and saying the console war is outdated...
MS even advertise the fact... the only Console with full RDNA2.... I fking piss myself... Its pure gold... And it works on people like you.
So , You know the AMD Soc and its Die size (you look it up, but I bet you don't know).... Every thing on the silicon , every CU,ect.. Take up Valuble real estate... Think about it.. Sony don't need Full Compatible RDNA2 compatibility.. Their system and games aren't needed to run on Xbox ONE/S/SS/SX, PC, or even phones!!!
Why take up Valuble space on the SOC with desktop processors when you could use that mighty priceless space with custom hardware????? Why wouldn't you??? Why? Well unless your MS....
Tempest engine, Geometry engine...
You just keep believing you know what you dont....

Point is.. The numbers are part of the equation... And you saying you know the final outcome, well, you still dont know the question, so know not what to ask.
So , Look it up.

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boing1163d ago

Why people are saying ES6 and Starfield are exclusives? Did they confirmed that already or is this just wishful thinking? Was there ever a clear message like 'Yes, Starfield and ES6 are exclusive to PC and Xbox' ?? In all interviews I've seen there was never a clear answer but more like an evasive answer 'We'll see'. AFAIK Bethesda is still a publisher. I'm not saying they won't be exclusive, though. I just want to know if I missed a memo about it. People assumed the same when they acquired Mojang.

GamingSinceForever163d ago

The differences in those multiplatform game isn’t worth an extra $500+ tax IMO.

VivaLaManual163d ago

The new Dual sense is basically a game changer. Game pass PC makes xbox unnecessary if you have a half-way decent PC.

IamFrasierCrane163d ago

Everything you just wrote has nothing to do with launch day... So in other words, what you’re say is “wait until E3” 😂

gamer9163d ago

Agreed. They took the power route with the One X and I’ve really enjoyed that console. I’m a Bethesda fan and a MP Shooter fan, I can’t remember a good PS4 shooter, and I’m not gonna roll the dice with Starfield next year, or with Elder Scrolls and Fallout after that. I played enough story driven campaigns on my PS4 Pro, not gonna miss those. Bloodborne 2 would be a game that may get me a PS5 down the road.

gamer9163d ago

Gunstar, there are 2 multiplats already out in the live, and they are both better on SX. It’s an uphill battle mentioning anything positive-Xbox on this site. The above comments mention Elder Scrolls which is not coming for many years, when Starfield will be out next year. STARFIELD – the game that is so good Playstation tried to outright buy it for themselves, but now it will be a buggy mess that no playstation fan is interested in ha ha. There’s a lot of 1-console commenters on this site as opposed to people with a broader view who want to experience everything out there. Incoming 80 disagrees with no comments because I said something good about Xbox.

Cockney163d ago

Just a heads up, if epics unreal5 engine gains the same traction as its predecessor then I feel best multiplats will be on ps5, they're a match made in heaven

163d ago
fiveby9163d ago

I respect your choice and reasons but for me it will be PS5 first. I owned both a PS4 Pro and X1x this generation. In retrospect I probably could have forgone the X1x. I may just stick with a PS5 and my PC this new generation. Seeing as I have not tried the new DualSense controller I will reserve judgement on that but initial indications seem very promising for Sony.

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AngelicIceDiamond164d ago

Since you said unannounced games for PS the exact same thing can be said about Xbox. Games we don't know about.

RickRoland164d ago

Except there's a difference not knowing about the next Naughty Dog game or the game the other Insomniac team is currently developing. There's a level of confidence with Sony devs.

r2oB164d ago

@ angelicicediamond

When you do not know something, what’s the best course of action? You make educated guesses, based on research and experience. Though it’s true we don’t know if future PlayStation titles will be good, at the very least it’s a safe assumption based on research and experience, for most. It seems at this point Xbox gamers are relying on leaps of faith and hope.

Dragonscale163d ago

@angelic, yeah lets buy a new console in the hope it might have some games we don't know about yet. Lmfao.

AngelicIceDiamond164d ago

@Rick That makes no sense. We don't know The Initiatives game, compulsion, NXile those are unannounced games.

Gunstar75164d ago

Xbox has some amazing studios now. If they go exclusive, that makes a big difference.

I would buy the console that has Doom, Wolfenstein and GOOD RPG'S.

It's easy to mock xbox after this last gen and a dodgy launch, but the hardware is excellent and only a fool would suggest that some amazing content isn't coming... this time.

Chevalier163d ago


Only a fool would downplay Sony exclusives after 4 generations to back up their consistency. And yes it is a leap of faith for Xbox no amount of studios change that.

Jin_Sakai164d ago

Sony give us a next gen UI, next gen controller, and the best launch games. Easy win for PS5.

thesoftware730164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

@ LordoftheCritics
You forgot a few things.

Xbox has :

Most powerful home console, faster load time for BC compatibility, better quality upgrades for cross gen games, controller compatibility saves money if you need more than 1, 100+ games new and old and the future of 20+ exclusive studios working on games with Bethesda being a front runner , EA play with a lot of free good games, free DLC for games and other perks with gamepass and now , most native 4k /60fps games 30 days of Disney + for people that dont have it.

See, anyone can do what you did..btw everything I posted is Facts..notblike your final opinion lol.

Chevalier163d ago

Did having the most powerful system the last 3 years change anything? You guys make it seem like Xbox didn't have the power advantage the last while with the One X. Did the power help Xbox over PS4 and Switch? Nope. Last I checked it got destroyed handily. The Switch surpassed Xbox sales in 3 years and it wasn't power which was the defining factor.

leejohnson222164d ago

The most honest and accurate description I've seen on the Internet

blackblades164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

You forgot ps5 new ui and other things and xbox quick resume. The easy choice is obviously ps5.

Aussieguy164d ago

And games you can play anywhere. But no use in getting an xbox for that, you can even play them on pc or any android device, so why waste money on a xbox, when you could get a PS5 instead ?

164d ago
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RosweeSon163d ago

Absolutely spot on. Wasn’t a decision for me

NeoGamer232163d ago

Sony also has focused on getting more games out early. It seems like they want to get out of the gates fast. I would argue 3.5 generations of goodwill. (The PS3 era started off lousy but to their credit fixed it).

On Microsoft there has also been a focus on the technology pieces. Quick Resume, Velocity Architecture, Full RDNA 2 support, and the raw power of the XSX device. And of course the purchase of Zenimax to get their first party studios to 23.

My fears with both:

Sony: They are shipping a lot of games from some large studios in the first year and that is good. But will that lead to some drought years after this first full year?

Microsoft: It is all about first party delivering quality. Yes, they have 23 studios now but they need to deliver at least 4 AAA quality titles per year to get their reputation up. Can they do that? Can they consistently deliver a 9 out of 10 game at least twice per year?

Chevalier163d ago

Yeah because Naughty Dogs 2 studios, Insomniacs 2 studios, Suckerpunch, Santa Monica and all the other studios are resting on their laurels? Playstation has been far more consistent.

Maybe you forgot Xbox had almost the same amount of studios the whole generation and managed to produce LESS. Where is the criticism of that? No doubts there though. Okay there. 😆

Nintendo also had less studios and is producing more than Xbox studios. Well managed studios keep their projects on point and keep going.

NeoGamer232162d ago

Wow you are angry.

The proof will be as studios deliver this generation. Sony is off to a great start. Microsoft not so much.

Hopefully Sony continues and hopefully MS picks things up.

BioNeo163d ago

My understanding of the offerings.

Microsoft: New exclusives, New user experiences such as Low latency wireless Controller and Project Acoustics, Xbox Gold collection at launch and Microsoft well earned 3 generations of goodwill for the announced and unannounced games.

Playstation: PS now, PS4 Backwards Compatibility

Do you see what i did there? one can always skew data to favor their platform of choice.

LordoftheCritics163d ago

I didn't need to skew. MS may need to tho.

boing1163d ago

The difference is, what he wrote looks believable. What you wrote, not so much.

Rhythmattic163d ago

As an Audio guy your post got me interested... Looks cool, but Project acoustics sill is an API that is calculated by Software... Even the idea of reflections of space within the world are prebacked.

Also , Dolby "Gaming" atmos is just another licensing fee... I wonder if its anther for Films? I imagine it is...
Also , Pretty shitty PS% as im aware doesn't support Dolby Atmos for UHD... So thats a big steaming turd decision from Sony.,. Anyone correct me if wrong..

But one things for sure.... Sonys Tempest engine,(a dedicated processor , and Sony has always been in the audio field ) it really is a next step for 3D spacial/imersive in games.. Pancake or VR.

Chevalier163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Except Xbox shouldn't have 3 generations of good will. They've dropped fans and left them behind EVERY single generation so you're either being disingenuous or just being an idiot. This whole generation with Xbox has been garbage.

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headshotfrosty163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Auto HDR, Quick swap, Power but yea I agree otherwise

Nintentional163d ago

Don’t forget Xbox: the only place for Elderscrolls VI. Lol

I’m getting the one that actually will fit in my entertainment center 😁

Critic4l_Strik3163d ago

Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

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ArchangelMike164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

I choose Playstation5.

For me it came down to three primary reasons.

1. Next Gen controller that adds a new layer of player experience.
2. Quality exclusives and upcoming sequels (that free PS+ games collection is pure gold).
3. I only have enough time and money for one next gen console (I already have a gaming PC).

ClayRules2012164d ago

I 💯 agree.

With PS5 we’ll be getting not just better graphics and 60fps here and there, but when it comes to gameplay, we have hope when looking at the likes of R&C 2021, and what’s possible for gameplay and worlds now and just game design in general. Gameplay shackles being lifted in areas now to offer devs in Sony’s first party studios to unlock those doors that they couldn’t open with these past generations to bring us those visions of art and stories and gameplay we’ve all wanted (even if we didn’t know we wanted it yet) I mean, I didn’t know I’d want to throw Kratos’s 🪓 around for fun like a mad man time and time again for fun, only to call it back in gameplay “on accident” and I’d do a cool move/combo attack and I’d feel like a total badass “pardon my language” feeling that on the DualSense with all the features set, with the visual art that these devs produce in front of my eyes, not just mine, all of yours’ll be a DualSense of an experience😂🤷&# 127996;‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ 😂

PS5 to me is where everything offered is not only of great value as Mike stated, but everything inside the machine that we’ll use connected with it, that’s going to add layers of Next Gen to our experience that Microsoft and Xbox just simply can’t match. PS5 is across the board in improvements and new, revolutionary/evolutionary. That’s what I personally want and am happy to be receiving.

SmielmaN163d ago

1. Sony
2. Nintendo

That is all...

AmazingVector164d ago

Imagine the DualSense feeling

Stanjara164d ago

Dual Sense playing Doom theme through haptic.

darthv72164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Gaboon... swap the top pic with the bottom and then it would make sense. Seeing the GoW logo is more the intriguing expression than the eye laser one.

chiefJohn117164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Gotta go with Xbox
Faster loading, Gamepass with smart delivery will have you set for the year. More storage, better graphics/more powerful, better multiplats, bunch of new games coming you get with no extra cost day 1 of release. Best controller with the elite
Simply more bang for your buck. Unless unique controller viberation is that big a deal to you I see no reason to go the other route atm

EasilyTheBest164d ago

Same for me, Gamepass is the killer for me. All those games plus EA play. All future new 1st party on Gamepass day one. I haven't got to spend £60 a game.