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RaidenBlack1115d ago

>There won’t be additional colors or designs available for either of the PS5 models 'at launch'. :-(
>Explorations for allowing players to store (but not play) PS5 games on a USB drive in a future update are underway. :D
>The M.2 SSD storage upgrade functionality will come to PS5 after launch as part of a system software update. We’ll share more details in the future, including around which type of M.2 SSD storage drive will be compatible with PS5. :D
>In the future, (DualSense) other colors will become available. But there are no announcements to share at this time. :D
>The DualSense wireless controller is not compatible with the PS4 console. :-(
>If you start up a second PS5 game or fully power off the console, the first game you were playing will automatically close, and won’t automatically resume from your previous moment of gameplay. :-(
>No, PS5 will not support folders or themes at launch. :-(
>No, the PS5 system doesn’t include a dedicated web browser app. :-/

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CaptainHenry9161115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

"If you start up a second PS5 game or fully power off the console, the first game you were playing will automatically close, and won’t automatically resume from your previous moment of gameplay." ☹

No quick resume or web browser? Are you kidding me 🤔

SullysCigar1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

lol I really don't care about a web browser.

But they left out the most important question on this FAQ, though: "WHEN MOOAR PS5s???!" >:^|

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Nineball21121114d ago

I actually have always used the web browsers quite a bit. This sucks. I hope they put one back later.

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SpadeX1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

If anyone remembers, this was the same deal with PS4 at launch where it was lacking behind PS3 in terms of features such as DLNA, folders, themes, suspend/resume, etc. They all were added later with updates and I assume it's going to be the same with PS5 going forward especially with the way mostly everything is worded "at launch".

One thing I'm curious about is how will they implement themes in the future when all games in the main menu change the background automatically if you highlight them, unless maybe they'd disable that if you were to apply a theme?

Teflon021115d ago

?? You do know they already have backgrounds on PS4 right? Lol it'll be no different

SpadeX1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )


On PS4, some games have background images if you press 'down' when you highlight the game, those background images don't show on the main menu though, which allows for displaying a custom background image or theme.

On PS5, highlighting the games change the background image of the main menu, which defeats the purpose of applying a theme or a custom background, so my guess is that they would disable the game background images in favor of the theme you're applying.

ElementX1115d ago

I think it's weird they would add features to PS4 and then not have those same features available on ps5 at launch

Bigman4k1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

Lol you type all that in you must stay online all day lol

Bigman4k1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

@Raidenblack Go eat some glue

RaidenBlack1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

Seriously u are unaware of copy + paste? Why would anyone type all that?
That's why i asked you to search "Larry Tesler". You didn't get that hint, I understand why now ...
What a nutter.🙄

1114d ago
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oakshin1115d ago

I've seen web browser options in the ui videos

RaidenBlack1115d ago

Yea ... its in the pre-release firmware. Final one won't have it.

oakshin1115d ago

Wow that's awful web browser was one of the things that made me sell my 360 and keep my ps3 and the ps4 kept it in tact xbox one even copyed the ps3 web browser this is a major devalue wow wow wow I like sports and I've used my playstation for sports with the web browser for over 12 years

Jin_Sakai1115d ago

Wonder why they removed it from the final release?

I_am_Batman1115d ago

@Jim_Sakai: Probably because the browser ended up being the security weak spot leading to the PS4 jailbreak. If the PS5 OS is still based on FreeBSD it's possible that Sony didn't find an alternative that would satisfy their security standards for the PS5.

oakshin1115d ago

Omg my anime¡!!!!!!! No I need the browser

whitbyfox1115d ago

For the players, not the browsers 😐