Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Interview: ‘This series still has a lot of possibilities’

Producer talks game-changing features, next-gen consoles and more.

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Lionsguard163d ago

I haven't played an AC game since Black Flag so is the futuristic angle part still a part of the series? It was always my least favorite part of the series.

Xristo163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Yes. It still uses the Animus. However, it feels like an afterthought. Playing Odyssey I honestly would forget that you were even in the Animus. But yes, modern (future) days are still part of the series.

mastaleep163d ago

Producer revealed that it is actually dynamic 4K on Series X and not native.
"There will be shorter loading times and a good frame rate that make the game a lot more comfortable to play, as well as stuff like better draw distance, dynamic 4K and so on."

RPGer163d ago

I like how they put "dynamic 4k and so on", of course it is Ubisoft as vauge as ever then boom a mediocre game that will be be on sales and so cheap.

Inverno163d ago

Go back to what the series used to be, improve on that and stop making half baked RPGs. Take a long break and reboot the series, it's yet again been milked

porkChop163d ago

I want them to make an AC game based on that 1920s mafia hitman fanart from a few years back.