Xbox Series X, PS5, New Games, Blizzcon 2020, And Big Losses For Square Enix On A New Skewedcast

This week Gareth Justin, Michael, and Joseph at Skewed and Reviewed look at the new game consoles, game releases of the week Blizzcon and more. 

08:20 Blizzard Upcoming Game News
16:00 Console release news
28:37 Evil Controllers / Roccat
38:00 Square Enix big loss with Marvel Avengers

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Zeke6880d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Listening to this I just heard one thing. This is sponsored by Microsoft.... Damn they went out of their way to rise MS to the skies. Sad how openly bias these people are tbh.
They said gamepass x 1000, but they don't seem to know unsponsored words like Dualsense, Haptics, Demon's Souls, Spiderman etc... Lame.

Garethvk80d ago

You could not be further from the truth. I do not have an have no plans to get an Xbox and did not get the last generation of Xbox systems. I play mainly on a PC and have a PS5.
We do not have any business dealing with Microsoft nor do any of my staff. The only difference is that two of the people on the show with me like the system. However they also are mainly PC as their platform gamers and also have PS systems.
We do not talk up items for pay or benefit; we give our opinions and reviews based on our experiences.

Zeke6880d ago

Well you guys could have fooled me.

Garethvk80d ago

Why not have some facts before throwing are baseless claims based on something you heard. It is a pretty insulting thing you said and completely invalid.

Zeke6880d ago

That's how I heard it without any pre-info about you guys. So for me it's a fact. You guys sound like an MS propagandamachine ! That's how I experienced it and what, I can't form myself an personal opinion on what I hear you guys say and how you guys says it ?! Gtfo with you censorship.
It's not baseless when myself and my 2 friends here heard it at the same time and independently thought the same thing about this pod.
But don't worry, as Playstation owners we will stay clear of your site and pod. Problem solved.

Garethvk80d ago

Just wish you would have done some research and noted all the PS coverage on the site and how we do far more PS and PC coverage than Xbox.

Zeke6880d ago

Sorry but after this pod that will never happen I'm afraid. You only get one chance to make a first impression and all that.,,

Nacho_Z79d ago

Fair enough if that's what you think but it was clearly pro MS. Confident predictions that MS are going to win the generation, hints that Sony's methods are stale and endless praise for Gamepass.

Again, fair play if those are your honest opinions, I don't agree but each to their own.

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JamesRAW198979d ago

Well, I mean, Xbox IS better...