PS5 Backward Compatibility: Here's What Happens To PS4 Games That "May Exhibit Errors"

While Sony has maintained a list of PS4 games that are not playable on the PS5 through backward compatibility, others that are playable can lead to weird glitches.

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hulk_bash1987810d ago

Hopefully Sony releases a BC patch at some point to increase stability across all games.

xer0810d ago

Out of all the game titles, I am not surprised it's Assasins Creed 💁‍♂️

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Eonjay810d ago

Did some say Stability Updates!?!
You got it! ✔️

wheatley810d ago

I've noticed a lighting glitch (flashy sun light on buildings) while playing the Ezio Collection on PS4, so I'm not surprised Syndicate is even worse on PS5.

Fluke_Skywalker810d ago

Bare in mind the PS5 isn't even properly released yet so I'm sure a lot of stuff will be addressed in future patches.

I_am_Batman810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

Graphical glitches like this can happen when not using native hardware. Many games with minor glitches will still be playable. Only 380 out of 15402 entries are on the list of games with that might exhibit errors or unexpected behavior. While it's possible that Sony can address some issues post launch it's more likely that most remaining problems would require a game patch to fix.

Teflon02810d ago

Yeah it's definitely more on the devs than Sony. Just like the 10 that weren't. Some devs said they'll update the games

Relientk77810d ago

I hope they fix Assassin's Creed Syndicate. It's probably the only game I would maybe play via backwards compatibility, that doesn't seem to work correctly. All the other games Sony listed that won't work, I don't own, or never even heard of.

sourOG810d ago

So if I plug my external hdd full of PS4 games into my ps5 does it play those games directly off of the hdd or do I need to transfer them to the ps5 system before I can play them?

Storm23810d ago

You can play them directly off the HDD

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