Assassin's Creed timeline: The complete Assassin's Creed story so far

Catch up on Ubisoft's alt-history Assassin's Creed timeline before playing Valhalla

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phoenixwing73d ago

the story isn't worth the price of those xp boosters.

73d ago
Hellcat202073d ago

The xp boosters that are not required to play the game?
Yeah valid point there pointdexter

phoenixwing73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Defend ubi all you want the fact there are even xp boosters pretty much required the developer to make you want them in some way that ruins the experience. Oddesey all over again

ikarodemon73d ago

I can not play this game series anymore. When this say to you all time that nothing is real and everything is a computer genetic memory simulation. This thing destroy my experience.