Looking Back: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

John Rinyu writes: ''I cannot recommend Wind Waker enough. Minus a few of the tiny flaws mentioned, it's easily one of the finest games I have ever played and should not be missed by any Zelda fan.''

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GaboonViper385d ago

i know this game caused a ton of hate after the cel shaded graphics, but for me its my favourite Zelda after OOT, a beautiful masterpiece.

bouzebbal385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

No, wasn't for its graphical style.. For me It was for its redundant quests, especially the painfully boring triforce pieces main quest by giving possibility to increase sailing speed.
Even Nintendo realized it and improved it on the remaster on wiiu.. I also didn't like the super short castles.. The wait was damn long and what we got wasn't deep enough.

Inverno385d ago

Where the fffuuu is this and TP on the Switch, Nintendo?! SMH

rockwhynot384d ago

This remaster would actually be really fun to play on the switch lite.

rockwhynot384d ago

It's krazy good! I remember putting on the iron boots to weather those powerful gusts. What a feeling!