State of Decay 2 New Update Brings 60fps to Xbox Series X

A surprise State of Decay 2 update has been released upping it's performance and allowing higher frames-per-second (fps) on the Xbox Series X.

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Dragonscale115d ago

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Harryvok115d ago

I wanted to enjoy this game, but it was below average. Couldn’t get through more than a few hours before I was bored. Hope the third one is MUCH better.

shabz666115d ago

I slogged through the first 2 hours but then it eventually clicked and I ended up finishing the sheriff story line. It was a solid 7/10. Yeah hope the third one is much better

East76lands115d ago

I remember this game from the 360, it was a clunky mess if I remember? I always thought it had great potential if the could iron out all the bugs.

Bender6502115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

I have spent many, many, hours playing this game and can agree that at launch it was a complete mess. Today however, it's an above average game, especially if you like Zombie/Apocalyptic/Builder type survival horror games. Ironically though, some of the earliest and most frustrating bugs still remain unpatched several years after launch.
And yes, It's a game that has always played a little on the 'janky' side, but believe me it is 100% than better than at release. It's also a game that could have been so much better, no doubt about that. Let's hope SOD3 really does give us the proper four player co-op with shared base building that fans want and not the half assed co-op currently implemented.

@60fps will help this game smooth out the rough edges. Give it a go