Shadow of the Colossus and 15 years of storytelling mastery

TSA writes: Over the past 15 years, more and more big-budget titles have been put on pedestals for supposedly pushing the boundaries of video game storytelling. The likes of The Last of Us, 2018’s God of War, Red Dead Redemption, and others, have garnered a lot of praise from players and critics for their narrative delivery rivalling the likes of high-quality film and television. But very few games have been able to convey their stories with the same finesse that Shadow of the Colossus did all the way back in 2005. With director Fumito Ueda’s signature minimalistic style, Shadow of the Colossus delivers an emotionally provocative and thoughtful story by utilising the strengths of its medium, with the visuals and gameplay communicating the same emotional breadth as any other critically lauded narrative in the medium, and then some. There are spoilers ahead, for those who’ve still yet to play this PlayStation classic.

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East76lands228d ago

I've just started a play through of ICO via PS Now, still such a great game.

sonic1989227d ago

the last game to finish for me before moving to ps5 in 2 days. ill replay it on the ps5 to platinum it